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Dec 6, 2007 11:37 PM

Bindi in Philadelphia

anyone been there yet? it opened wednesday and i am very curious to hear about it. i've just recently discovered the many Indian restaurants in phillly/s jersey. it's a wonderful cuisine to explore.

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  1. It hasn't opened yet, next Wednesday is the day (the 12th).

    I presume you've been to Tiffin?

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      of course. if you're ever in s jersey, stop by rajhborg in cherry hill definitely not a place to call a "restaurant" BUT they have great foods for takeout. there are tables and chairs but zero atmosphere. the people are very nice and try to be helpful...they feature a huge selection of sweets and are attached to a grocery store next door (same company). the samosas and other snacks are quite good. it's vegetarian so no meat dishes but the steam table has a pretty interesting selection you won't find elsewhere. i imagine they cater mostly to an indian clientele. worth checking out...i loved the carrot and squash halea (at least i think that's the name)

    2. I ate there last Thursday, and I very much recommend it! I'm not an expert on Indian food, so I cannot say how authentic Bindi is, but the meal was certainly excellent. We shared the Pani Puri (roast duck) and the Mussels Bhindi Gozzoo appetizers (the mussel broth is great with bread. For the entree I ordered the Shrimp and Winter Vegetable Sambar with the Saag Chapati bread, with no disappointments. I highly recommend the Mango and cardamom drink mix, which we mixed with rum. The pomegranate mix is also good..

      Although the food took a bit long to arrive -- which I suppose can be expected in a brand new place -- the service was otherwise very good. Our waitress was especially knowledgeable about the ingredients. The prices are comparable to Lolita by the same chef and owner, which means you'll probably spend $30-$40 per person.

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      1. re: kemac

        It seems to me that it's not really intended to be an authentic Indian restaurant, more like Indian-inspired, the same way that Lolita is Mexican-inspired rather than authentic Mexican.

      2. Could you tell us where this restaurant is?

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        1. I tried Bindi a couple of weeks ago. Interesting menu. As a previous poster mentioned, it's not authentic Indian, but rather "Indian" insprired. For authentic Indian, and to get a frequent "Indian" fix, Tiffin is definitely the place.

          Bindi wasn't bad, but it's a place I may go to only once. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try Indian insprired cuisine. The Kofta appetizer was excellent, but the Roasted Duck Pani Puri wasn't that good at all. As an Indian and a someone who is knowledgeable about Indian food, I just don't see duck and pani puri going together.

          For our entrees, we tried the Ghost and the Pork Vindaloo. Decent entrees, but nothing I was blown away by.

          Overall it's an interesting idea and there is definitely a buzz about this place in the city. Although it's not a place I will frequent.

          1. Poor management will ruin even the best of restaurants, let alone mediocre ones.

            This restaurant does not serve Indian fare. ( i almost laughed when they brought the chaat out.... so small, so wrong.) Their take on "Modern Indian" is really just an American Bistro trying to co-opt ethnic flair to inflate their prices, while butchering the cuisine. Having lived in New Delhi for a year and traveling extensively through the continent I have great fondness for the food, but I could not find anything resembling that culture in the food served here.

            The staff seams personally inexperienced with the cuisine, as badly mispronouncing names as the food was mis-prepared.

            Having spent over $70 at our table of 4, we were informed (after we had finished) that there was a $20 minimum per person and if we didn't order $18 worth of desert we would be charged an additional $18. This struck us as extremely bad and potently illegal policy. When we asked the manager if they should have told us that before we ordered she curtly replied "It's on the menu." and then turned to me and said "People come here for dinner, you shouldn't come here for snacks."

            There aren't many Indian restaurants in Philly i like, but this one is certainly the worst.

            go to Tiffin or drive up to Udupi Dosa House in Bensalem
            (friend said the lamb (gosht) wasn't bad.)

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            1. re: woodland

              Yesterday while walking around, I looked at Bindi's menu posted in their window. The menu is similar in size to Lolita's -- 5-7 choices in each category. It clearly states at the very bottom that there is a $18 per person minimum, not $20.

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                I don't know, maybe my math is not as good as it once was, but something here doesn't add up. If there is a minimum of $18 per person that would come out to be $72 (4x18=72) minimum for a party of 4. Woodland, you say your party spent over $70 and needed to spend $18 more on dessert? I think your numbers are a little off here... either that or you were annoyed at the policy and might be streching the truth a bit to make your point look more justified. I guess if a restaurant has a policy that you don't like and it's clearly stated on the menu, you always have the option to get up and leave... espically in that area of the city. There are many fine alternative choices.