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Dec 6, 2007 11:08 PM

LF absinthe rec: Kubler vs Lucid

I've decided to pick up a bottle of absinthe as a Christmas present for a friend. After some research, I *think* my best bets are either Kubler or Lucid. They seem to be decent brands, I can get them locally, and the price is about right. But I don't know what the differences between the two brands are, whether any differences are significant, or whether one is generally considered superior to the other.

Would anyone out there who's tried both be willing to try to explain any differences they noticed between the two? Or could anyone who's more knowledgable about spirits in general tell me if either is considered superior? Or if anyone has any recommendations for other, similarly priced, decent-quality absinthes (USD60-80), I'd love to hear them!

Thank you kindly!

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  1. I too was interested in Absinthe and did a fair amount of research before purchasing.

    Kubler and Lucid are, indeed, the two brands currently available on the US market. Kubler is a Swiss Absinthe and a blanche, which means it is white rather than the traditional green. Lucid is a green Absinthe from France; it seems to be slightly more expensive than Kubler.

    After reading a number of on-line reviews from various sources, it appeared that, though both are respectable, most reviewers preferred Lucid, so I got myself a bottle and really enjoyed it. My review appears here:

    1. Never tried it but I am excited to....there's a recent review of American-made absinthes that have been or are about to be released in the NY Times: