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Dec 6, 2007 09:30 PM

INGREDIENTS is opening in North Glendale...finally.


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  1. Ooops...the borads didn't let me finish the post...hmmm.
    So, here it is.

    As y'all know, I LOVED Bistro Verdu and pretty much wept when it closed....I've waited for the Chef of Bistro Verdu to open his new little gem, just up the street from his former spot, and now the time has come for me to celebrate!!!
    Here's the email I just got from them:

    friends of Bistro Verdu and Ingredients,

    bistro news:
    as you know, the bistro is closed (as of july 07). not to worry, we are currently searching for a new location and hope to re-open soon.

    ingredients news:
    well, finally the retail shop is opening. We are opening the first phase of the store on Friday, Dec. 7th. We will offer a selection of artisan foods both domestic and imported, including a decent size selection of cheeses, cured meats, oils, vinegars, olives, etc... The second phase of the shop(small bites menu for dine in or take out) will begin in a couple of weeks and will include some of our favorites from the Bistro menu. Stop by and pick up some ingredients for home, holiday party or picnic basket and remember artisan foods make great gifts for the foodies in your life!

    ingredients hours:
    tuesday thru saturday 11am to 7pm
    coming soon, extended evening hours and small bites menu.

    we will keep you updated on our progress with a new location for bistro verdu, meanwhile, feel free to visit us at the retail shop, any unused bistro verdu gift certificates will honored at the store.

    thanks for all your support. hope to see you soon - michael

    ingredients 3521A n. verdugo road glendale, ca 91208 ph. 818.249.4971

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    1. re: tatertotsrock

      I went last week for some yummy cheese and proscuitto. i was also looking for creme fraiche, which they didn't have - they told me to come back the next day, and there was freshly made creme fraiche! i can't wait until they start serving more food!

      1. re: justanotherpenguin

        it's at 3521 Verdugo Road - i think it's technically Glendale, but it's location is just south of Montrose (it's right near a deli, and is north of Rosso Wine shop) - here is a map posted on an earlier thread:

        1. re: justanotherpenguin

          Hi justanotherpenguin,

          Just look up to my original post...I put a link on the bottom too, right underneath the address and phone number...enjoy!!!!

          1. re: tatertotsrock

            Hi tatertotsrock,

            i forgot to ask when i was in - do you know when they'll start serving the "small bites" menu? i can't wait!


            1. re: patz

              Hi patz,
              I think the new year will bring the sous vide (if that's how you spell it" goodies...mmm, I can't wait.
              I got some great french sheeps milk cheese and some marcona almonds that they fried up "in house" and some lomo....all were a big hit with my friends.
              I will defintiely be see quite a bit of this new great addition.

        2. Outstanding! So glad to hear it's arrived. I've been curious and waiting for so long that I gave up looking for it. Sometimes, business's gestation periods in Montrose are what-the-hell's-taking-so-long long. We were just at La Cabanita tonight (and our food was nearly hot--wow!)--I should have eyeballed the block as we were heading home.
          Looking forward to stepping in the door. Bonne chance!

          1. For those who haven't been in a while, Ingredients is now offering sandwiches and "small bites." They're also doing tasting menus - there's a 4 course Burgundy menu coming up in late Feb, and a Moroccan menu in early March.

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            1. re: patz

              Oh Yes,
              Such a great place...they had a 5 course "swine-a-licious" menu a couple of weeks ago...way too good of a time was had that night!
              The food, the people, way too much wine and was great!!!
              Too bad I wont be able to make the French Country dinner night because I know the guys down at Rosso are gonna be having a hand at the wine pairing for the evening so I know it will be great.
              If anyone goes, please let us all know how it goes!
              Oh, y'all gotta try the duck confit salad...they serve it at lunch and on the weekend small bites menu...sooo good1

              1. re: tatertotsrock

                I'll be there (just made my reservations yesterday, which made me think of updating this thread), I'll let you know how it is - i'm sure it'll be amazing!