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Do I have enough food for 40-50?

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I have invited 60 for a holiday party, 40-50 are coming and I am panicking that I don't have enough food. For hot appetizers, I have figured 3 pcs each. Also, I have a shrimp platter, cheese platter (4 varieties), hummus with pita, veg plate with dip, prosciutto plate, two platters of smoked salmon, 5 lb lasagna, Christmas ham, salad, wild rice, two pies, one cheesecake, two baking trays of cookies, 40 mini cupcakes, 40 mini pastries. I think that is it, but it doesn't seem enough. I have no idea how much people will eat. Calling all experiences party hosts for help!

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  1. How long is your party, and is it intended to replace a meal for these folks, or is the food mostly providing a base for drinking?

    1. Hard to figure from the menu and information provided. Most of it seems like snack food, but the ham and lasagna are definitely 'sit down with a plate' kind of offerings and you don't mention quantities for many of the items. For detailed information on quantities, www.ellenskitchen.com is a great resource. As mentioned, the time of day and length of party will be a factor as well as your crowd. If there is physical activity like singing or skating that is also a consideraton esp. if there are young people.

      1. sounds like you have enough desserts but I would go for more snacks to start, most people eat a lot more appetizers with their drinks than you think and less of the desserts. Have some french bread or other breads too.

          1. Hi, it is an open house/cocktail/grazing kind of party, not a sit down, held in the evening. Adults, kids, etc. so I want to have something for everyone. Not everyone will eat a lot, I expect, and people will drop in and then leave at different times. I want to have enough but not have tons of unwanted leftovers. Mpalmer, that website was great, thank you, I printed it out.

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              3 pieces per person per hour for hors d'oeuvres. (Minimum - I usually eat more than that) But since you have ham, lasagna, , you definitly have enough food.

              to prevent from kids wasting food they won't eat, I have seen folks set up a "kids" table - with the kid-friendly treats. Maybe coloring books or something, too.

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                You're welcome, and have fun.

              2. I do this type of party just about every year with your number of invitees. Be sure to have a basket of small sliced rolls, sliced cheese and some festive mustards by the ham. This makes the ham portable and easier to eat.

                I'd count on more munchies, people really graze and I've found the 3pcs each is shy of what people actually eat....esp. while drinking. A few bowls of nuts (Spiced, with herbs or just plain) also go over big and are good fillers when people are drinking.

                I'm not sure how your salad and wild rice will go over if people aren't sitting down. Might want to do a warm dip on a chafing dish; I make hot crab dip, but my hubby loves meatballs which are easy and filling.

                You are more than set on the sweet stuff.

                Have fun!