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Dec 6, 2007 07:42 PM

Do I have enough food for 40-50?

I have invited 60 for a holiday party, 40-50 are coming and I am panicking that I don't have enough food. For hot appetizers, I have figured 3 pcs each. Also, I have a shrimp platter, cheese platter (4 varieties), hummus with pita, veg plate with dip, prosciutto plate, two platters of smoked salmon, 5 lb lasagna, Christmas ham, salad, wild rice, two pies, one cheesecake, two baking trays of cookies, 40 mini cupcakes, 40 mini pastries. I think that is it, but it doesn't seem enough. I have no idea how much people will eat. Calling all experiences party hosts for help!

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  1. How long is your party, and is it intended to replace a meal for these folks, or is the food mostly providing a base for drinking?

    1. Hard to figure from the menu and information provided. Most of it seems like snack food, but the ham and lasagna are definitely 'sit down with a plate' kind of offerings and you don't mention quantities for many of the items. For detailed information on quantities, is a great resource. As mentioned, the time of day and length of party will be a factor as well as your crowd. If there is physical activity like singing or skating that is also a consideraton esp. if there are young people.

      1. sounds like you have enough desserts but I would go for more snacks to start, most people eat a lot more appetizers with their drinks than you think and less of the desserts. Have some french bread or other breads too.

          1. Hi, it is an open house/cocktail/grazing kind of party, not a sit down, held in the evening. Adults, kids, etc. so I want to have something for everyone. Not everyone will eat a lot, I expect, and people will drop in and then leave at different times. I want to have enough but not have tons of unwanted leftovers. Mpalmer, that website was great, thank you, I printed it out.

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              3 pieces per person per hour for hors d'oeuvres. (Minimum - I usually eat more than that) But since you have ham, lasagna, , you definitly have enough food.

              to prevent from kids wasting food they won't eat, I have seen folks set up a "kids" table - with the kid-friendly treats. Maybe coloring books or something, too.

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                You're welcome, and have fun.