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Dec 6, 2007 06:32 PM

Mom & Pop Indian Resto?

The subject of Indian dining has been done to death here, I know. But, here's a new twist: Does anybody know of a Mom & Pop Indian Restaurant? We have lots of cozy, friendly Italian family trattorias, how about Indian?

When I lived in Edmonton, one of my favourite haunts was Ashoka Curry House (RIP).
Mom cooked everything, Dad hosted and the sons served graciously. The food was prepared with care and you could taste the love in everything, even the humble samosa. It was also discreet with a beaded divider at the front door, sitar music softly playing in the small dining room, classic red/gold wallpaper and white tablecloths.
It was neither casual nor overly formal, but just the right atmosphere to elicit feelings of comfort.

It seems to me that most places here are holes-in-the-wall, buffet purveyors, tragically hip or "modern" Indian.

Has anybody found anything like my "go to joint"? I read about one called Panorama, either in Miss or North York, anybody been there? Any other suggestions?


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  1. There are several places that fit the bill in Brampton. There are many strip malls opening up in predominantly East Indian neighbourhoods, and these little family-run Indian boƮtes seem to be rampant. Amazing news for lovers of Indian food. :)

    India Curry House (Williams Pkwy. & Chinguacousy Rd.) is great, and Friends (Dixie & North Park) is an old favourite of mine.

    I'll add them to the Places database and update this post shortly.

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      India Curry House
      80 Pertosa Dr, Brampton, ON L6X5E9, CA

      Friends Restaurant
      860 North Park Dr, Brampton, ON L6S4N5, CA

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        Thanks for those recommendations, xtal. When I lived in Winnipeg in the '80's my favourite Mom & Pop Indian restaurant was called India Curry House, coincidently.

        I will have to drive to Brampton and give them a try.

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          I'd suggest the Winnipeg namesake over Friends, but definitely stop by Friends to pick up a big bag of samosas for the drive home.

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        I'm going for lunch tomorrow at India Curry House on Pertosa in Brampton. Any favourite dishes?

      3. I think Maroli on Bloor would qualify--at least it was a Mom & Pop & kids place when it was on Balliol. Here's a recent link:

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          It was just down the road from me, and I miss it so! :(

          However, even though the food was excellent, I would classify it as more of a hole in the wall takeout. No offense meant.