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Dec 6, 2007 06:30 PM

Laveen/Litchfield Recommendations

Looking for a baby friendly place to eat in the Laveen/Litchfield area. Not looking for ambiance, but something with outside seating would be nice.

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  1. Ground Control in Litchfield is really kid-friendly -- the owners are working on their fourth -- so they designed the place to have an alcove with a big aquarium to keep kids occupied and out from underfoot of the regular patronage. They are a coffee roastery, gelato spot, and have a wide assortment of paninis, along with having wine/beer/coffee tastings in the evenings and live music on the weekends. No patio, but nobody would mind a baby in the least.

    Tomo Japanese has outside seating and serves lots of area families as well, as does Dino's Greek and Italian Grill. I love both places. Park Wines across from the Wigwam and the Mexican place next to it are both lovely and have nice patios. Then Grazie out at Verrado is one of my favorite hangouts, too.

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      Thanks for the tip. I think we are going to try Dino's. Are there not many opinions out there for the Laveen/Litchfield area? Wow, only one reply...

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        There is a pretty good pizza place in downtown Glendale. It is on the south side of glendale ave. They have a wood burning oven and a great selection of authentic pies. I believe it is call pizzaria fiorno. Definatly a place worth trying. Unfortunatly in Litchfield options are limited at this time.

      2. Not exactly Laveen but not far is Spokes Restaurant just north of the northwest corner of Central and Dobbins in Phoenix (right behind the Circle K). This is a casual, burger and health food type place.