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Dec 6, 2007 05:58 PM

I'm 8 wks. pregnant and HATE FOOD. :) Need help...

I have always been a lover of vegetables, cooked or raw, pasta, seafood, meat, fruit, chocolate... in short, all food. Now that I'm pregnant, NOTHING seems appetizing and I basically eat to keep from starving, pretty much whatever I can keep down. Do any ladies have suggestions for foods you found particularly non-revolting during this stage? Cooking is really out of the question (gag central) so things that are cold/room temperature are generally better. Thanks for any advice! Also, how to make sure husband stays fed during this period, without my having a meltdown upon opening the fridge? :)

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  1. Starchy foods were all I could keep down at the beginning... cereal (Kashi Heart to Heart especially), pizza, oatmeal, dry or buttered toast. Also, mild fruits like melon. Nothing too pungent or flavorful.

    How to make sure husband stays fed: frozen stuff, either homemade or storebought?

    The good part is, this phase will pass and you will be eating happily again in a month or two. Just be sure to listen to your body -- if you feel like you're going to be sick, don't force yourself to eat or do anything.

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      It's been ~16 years, but I remember craving pretzels thru that awful (and fortunately short) time in my pregnancy.

    2. It will get better, I promise! And your cravings/dislikes will change. I couldn't stand anything with strong aromas, like garlic or onion, for a few months, so I opted for bland stuff like chicken soup, tofu, yogurt, soymilk/banana smoothies, that sort of thing. Tea helped with the nausea. Your hubby can likely live with delivery or carry-out or Rachael Ray quick-fix type stuff for a while. You can get decent things from the grocery store that only take a few minutes to make, like the fancy refrigerated pastas and sauces, bagged salads, and such. For breakfast, some of the frozen stuff, like sausage patties and links, omelets, and wraps, aren't too bad.

      1. Keep repeating, "This too, shall pass!" and it will, but when you're going through it for the first time, it is just plain yucky and you wonder if you'll ever have a normal appetite again. I stuck to things like crackers, anything on the dry side and somewhat salty. Everyone is different. Get lots of water and just know your stomach will settle down in a couple (or more) weeks.

        I also could eat small amounts of ice cream; that seemed to go down ok. Don't fret about Hubby, he will not starve during this short transition; he can make use of his previously unused cooking skills----perhaps sandwiches are his strong suit. Many blessings!

        P.S. I only had this yucky stomach with the first baby, not the second, except for morning sickness around the 4th to 6th week and it stopped quickly.

        1. eating/drinking anything with ginger in it will help with the nausea, and hopefully, that way, you can keep stuff down.

          Always keep a bag of crackers on you and nibble on them all the time.

          If you wake up with morning nausea, try a teaspoon of port... Yup, I swear by this, as a morning sickness remedy.. will settle your stomach right down.

          The key is to keep the nausea and vom at bay, so you can ingest some items with nutritional value..

          Ahhh... 16 years and I remember the Great Lamb Chop Smell Vom, of Preganacy #2

          Good luck, darl, this, too, will pass.

          1. My ex craved Pears with Mayonaisse. Gross. But having never been pregnant, I won't be critical.

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              That IS pretty weird, but easily accommodated