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Dec 6, 2007 05:55 PM

Where to have New Years dinner in Wellington?

During our trip to NZ for the holidays we'll stay in Wellington for New Year. ( family of 2 adts, 2 chd 8&13 yrs old)
Would love some ideas of where to have dinner on New Years Eve as I belive we would need to reserve in advance. Something with that little extra (food, wine & atmosphere) for a special evening!
thx in advance,

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  1. This is a difficult one as many restaurants close over the Christmas/New Year period in New Zealand (something that has always puzzled me about NZ & Australia... surely this is a most lucrative time for restaurants with the amount of tourists visiting). Anyway, we were due to visit Wellington in the first week of January and I would have suggested Logan Brown and Martin Bosley, but I rang both and they will sadly be closed.

    Of the other Wellington restaurants, those of note include:

    Shed 5
    Boulcott Street Bistro
    The White House

    Failing that there are a few little places near Courtney Place, but on New Years Eve you may find that more than a little rowdy.

    Caveat for all though; ring ahead to avoid disappointment.