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Dec 6, 2007 05:41 PM

Lighthouse resturant in weehawken Veal

Many years ago I used to make my weekly pilgrimage from Springfield to the Lighthouse restaurant in Weehawken NJ. I can not put into words why, but there was something about the place that really attracted me. The restaurant closed many years ago, much to my chagrin and ever since I have been looking for a place that makes Veal Parmesan that taste similar to the one I loved. I have tried almost everything at home to recreate this magical dish, but my attempts have been unsuccessful. I have tried any number of combinations of types of veal, breading, oil, cheese and have yet to come close to what I remember.

I am still searching the multitude of Italian resturants that have sprung up in the NJ area like weeds, in the hope of one day finding one that can come close to the Lighthouse taste.

If anyone used to go to the Lighthouse and knows of a place that makes it the same way, please let me know, I will be forever in your debit.

For those of you who have never been to the Lighthouse restaurant but know of a place in NJ or NY that makes a good Veal Parm, your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. do you mean the lighthouse that was at the base of the Galaxy apartments on river road? if so, it has reopened. most probably different owners and i have not eaten there, just passed it by on the way to the ferry.

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      Yes, That is the one. I went to the new one a few years back , I thought it was the same old Lighthouse, still looked the same from the outside, but, it was totally different and not very good.

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        we like the veal parm at david's in cliffside park. not a fancy place, but pretty good veal parm - that's what i always order there.

    2. The Lighthouse.....oh the memories. the LH was actually in West New York, but today, The reincarnated Lighthouse is now a Spanish/Portuguese restaurant with mixed reviews.

      Your memory is better than mine of the Veal Parmigiana, which I am sure I had, but my memories of the LH invoke the Tremendous simple salad bowl with Four Heads of Lettuce and the Six Large Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes, perfectly ripened.....and the Four excellent loaves of Italian Bread on each table waiting to be enjoyed. My other vivid memory is the super large portions and the complimentary Fettuccine Alfredo served on 18 inch plates....entree on one plate, Fettuccine on a separate plate to each individual patron.....and yes the fettuccine was enough for four, but served for one as a side. Last, let's not forget the the number ten cans wrapped in foil to bring home all the leftovers.

      Your favorite was the veal, but mine was the Fried Calamari. To date and over three decades later, it still is the best fried calamari I have ever had out in any Italian restaurant.

      I have heard many good things about David's in Cliffside Park, but have never been there. It was featured in the Bergen Evening Record as one of the local favorites for Italian in Bergen County I recall.

      My recommendation, and in the same vicinity as the original Lighthouse you recall, is Di Palma Brothers on Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen. An eccentric family friendly Italian Restaurant. Go to Jason Perlow's, <> blog and he has many high resolution photos for you to see. It's not a family styled served restaurant, but the portions are surely enough for two or more to enjoy......just like The Original Lighthouse. Rustic Italiana......da best!!!! The prices are as amazing as the food. BYOB if that is your thing too.

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        I totally agree with the posts on Di Palma's in North Bergen. The portions are huge, it's a BYO and it's all family in the kitchen. Another fabulous Italian restaurant worth the trip is Amore Cucina, a small storefront on Union Blvd., Totowa. They have some of the best Italian food I've ever had and I come from a family of incredible Italian cooks. It is also BYO.

      2. Sorry, no concrete referrals, just many memories. When my husband and I lived in the area, we would go to the Lighthouse for the consistent large portions, and kitchy atmosphere. We had a really bad experience once, a year or so before it closed, and never went back.

        1. Thanks to all that responded. Di Palma's sounds like a great place, I will have to try it.
          Any other recommendations will be gladly appreciated.

          1. My husband and I loved the Lighthouse! He still dreams of the Swiss Mountain Chicken. I never had the veal parm, but I'm sure it was good. We still laugh about the mismatched plates, I always got the one from IHOP. I wish someone knew where the chef ended up...

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              My dad used to go to this place; iirc, the owner tragically lost his young son, and I believe he sold the place after that happened. I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same place. Anyone else remember this?

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                I cannot comment on Family tragedies or ownership issues, one or many, but after loosing it's liquor license, the place suffered terribly. On top of that, there was a dispute with an adjacent township for illegal connections to the sewerage system and hundreds or thousands of dollars were at stake, sewerage fees on top of legal fees. I'm sure that had a bearing on the Lighthouse many remember.