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Dec 6, 2007 05:09 PM

Newport Oregon

my wife and I will spending some time in Newport Oregon next January. Any suggestions for lodging and food?
Silent Earl

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  1. SOme recs for ya here:

    Best place I have eaten there lately has been Local Ocean. Great fried oyster plate, tasty nicoise salad, and good service to boot.

    1. We loved Shark's, even tho it is dead-center in the tourist strip.
      Fresh fresh seafood and not fried. I loved the Cioppino.

      1. Just answered the question for someone else. I also love Sharks most of all-but it's tiny, so be prepared. My folks live in Oregon and love Saffron Salmon and April's, but I haven't tried either (they are big foodies, though, so I trust 'em).

        The Sylvia Beach Hotel is fabulous if you like offbeat. I also really enjoy their restaurant-prix fixed meal, very reasonable, family style. I have some fabulous dinner experiences there.

        1. I just spent a week in Newport and had a few good meals, including a great one at Saffron Salmon. the preparation of the fish dishes was outstanding. One of the most memorable meals I have had. I give it my highest recommendation.

          1. The Saffron Salmon is outstanding. The salmon is wonderful, and the spinach salad is to die for.