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Dec 6, 2007 04:33 PM

Desperately seeking quiet new range

Hi, We are renovating a NYC apartment and must choose a 30" gas (or dual) range. I was interested in the GE Cafe Range but read online that it has a noisy fan you can't turn off, even if you aren't using the convection feature. Saw on Chow.com that Bertazzoni range also can be noisy. De Longhi ditto and so on... Read that KitchenAid cycles on and off audibly every 1 minute.I don't really need a professional range (and am afraid to get a Viking because of a pretty bad record on repairs) but I do need one that looks nice (sorry, but that's the truth). That probably means stainless steel. Help! I would be so grateful to anyone who likes their (30" gas) range (or similar) and would tell me what kind it is. The noise thing is very important to me as I am partially hearing impaired and this is a small apartment. THANK YOU for any info!

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  1. Don't know what you consider "quiet." If you want a modern range/oven, I suspect they all make some level of noise. I have a GE Trivection oven, and both of my kids have JennAire (I think) convection ovens. The fans on all three of them run during the pre-heat period on through the cool-down. And that is true for both regular thermal oven settings as well as convection. But I've never heard of an oven with a fan that runs all of the time. Maybe the person who told you that didn't understand the pre-heat and cool down periods.

    I suspect the only way for you to get reasonable answers is to go to an appliance store and have them demo things for you. One person's noisy may well be another person's quiet. Good luck!

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      Modern ranges and most wall ovens contain cooling fans that are activated when a certain internal temperature is reached. They are designed to run throughout the bake, broil and self clean. More primitive products only activate the fan during self clean. Most are set to come on round 200F internal. These fans are used to cool internal electronics and in some advanced cases (Dacor) they are used for this and also to maintain very low external surface temperatures as well. UL requires them in most cases and manufacturers like them because it adds to their mechanical integrity. I wouldnt consider having a range without one anyone because of the performance benefits it offers. In the advanced products: the fans produce VERY little noise and are practically silent compared to other things in a kitchen. And a good convection fan will never be heard externally. I hope this helps.

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        The fan in my GE Trivection oven and in both of my kids' convection ovens come on as soon as you set a temperature, whether for bake, convection, broil, or clean. And the fan stays on from warm-up until it finishes cooling down. I don't know if this is different with a range. I think it is true of all wall ovens.

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          The problem is that the manufacturers use the cheapest, loudest fan. They do not care about the noise. We have tested Kitchen Aid, AGA Legacy, and Wolf 36" ranges. Kitchen Aid had a noise level of 55-60 decibel, AGA 60-65 decibel, and Wolf 50-55 decibel. Dishwashers are not as loud! It is just annoying when you pay so much money that the design is lacking. Especially, when today's technology would let them easily make that fan less noisy. Not to mention that all these fans only have one speed, the loudest one, just in case if you decide to use the cleaning cycle. They didn't even put in a fan that has several levels. until we say it's ok, and keep buying these ranges, they won't change it.
          At least they should put the noise level on these monsters, like on the dishwashers we can see.

      2. I have a Thermador 36" gas oven that I love. The convection is so quiet that I didn't think it was working when I first used it. It is the lower priced line (pro style stainless with black knobs) and is not self cleaning. I have had Vikings in 2 previous kitchens that were very loud, and before them a noisy Jenn-Air.

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          I have a Thermador wall over- electric that is wonderful and huge inside and has an even fan noise.

        2. I have a 30" Bosch gas stove with convection oven. When not using the convection feature, the oven doesn't seem to make any noise at all. This is my first convection oven, so I can't compare the fan's sound to any other, but it's not intrusive, and it goes off when you open the oven door. Good luck!

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            We have a Bosch dual-fuel range which we love! Compared to the Tappan Convectionaire which we had previously, the Bosch is essentially silent even with convection running. I think it is a very quiet convection range, and the Bosch dual-fuel was top-rated by CR as well as highly recommended by our certified kitchen designer. We love it and highly recommend it. It's very quiet.

          2. Look in to American Range too. They offer 30" is SS and color. We just ordered ours and hope it is here this week. The fan does not run on it's own - it is controlled via switch.

            1. My mother has a double convection oven by Thermador- I've never noticed any nose when I've used it. Currently in a rental house w/ an awful range- it's so bad my husband and I have considered purchasing a range and switching it out for the couple years we'll be here.....

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                A repairman told us today that any oven with electronic controls will have one of these fans that cools the electronic controls. They should post the db level as part of the specs. When shopping look for old fashioned knobs that turn instead of electronic key pads and double check with the sales person and manufacturer to see if the oven has a cooling fan.

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                  As posted above we have the latest Bosch dual-fuel range which has very sophisticated electronic controls. It is absolutely silent when the oven is on and convection off. I really don't think there is a cooling fan for the electronic controls, but if there is, it is totally silent. As I stated above, even the convection fan is very quiet but, of course, you can hear it. It certainly is not at all intrusive...you have to listen for it to even know that it's on.

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                    I have to amend my posting after speaking with a sales man in an appliance store. He told me the Bosch slide-in ranges needed this fan running the entire time to keep the electronic controls cool. Apparently, the free-standing ranges do not. We're still trying to sell our Bosch slide-in dual fuel. It is too noisy for me!

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                      Can't understand why it should be so noisy. As discussed above, our free-standing Bosch dual-fuel is absolutely silent without convection, and is really very quite even with convection...certainly not intrusive in the least! Strange, because it has very sophisticated electronic controls, which apparently do not need to be cooled by a fan.

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                        I have a bosh duel fuel range and I am so dissappointed with it. The oven has a fan that runs continuously and is very noisy. Does anyone make a 30" gas range with manual control oven knobs and is not convection? (Convection ovens have fans)

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                          There's something wrong with your Bosch range. We love our Bosch dual-fuel range which is totally silent in non-convection mode, and barely audible when the convection fan is running. We've had ours for 5 years and couldn't be happier with it. It's gas burners range from super-hot 15k BTU to gentle simmer, the oven works perfectly in all modes, and the warming drawer is a great feature. We use our range for pretty much all meals every day, and cannot fault it.

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                            Is yours a slide in or free standing?

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                              Free standing. The only time we ever hear a fan is in the convection (and, of course self-cleaning) mode. Otherwise, it's absolutely silent...and honestly, even with the fan running, it's still extremely quiet. We love this range. It was top rated by CU when we bought it 5 years ago. Did they change it?

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                        Did you ever find a range that is not noisy? I want to get rid of my bosh duel fuel range for the same reason, it is unbearably noisy.