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Dec 6, 2007 04:15 PM

Birthday in San Diego

My girl freind's birthday is coming and I wanted to find a restraunt she will love. I'm looking for something with good food and a fun/unique atmosphere. Somewhere that has a good vibe, or a great view, or something else memorable. Recommendations for all styles of food welcome. Thanks

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  1. Location? Price range? Age range?

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      We live in PB, so I was thinking of somewhere along the coast of downtown. Pretty typical as far as price range: nothing too expensive, but it is a special occassion so I don't mind spending more than usual. As far We are both 22 so I'm looking for a young kind of hip place.

      1. re: gmacisback

        Have you thought about La Jolla? Jacks Grill? Forever Fondue?
        or Osteria Romantica down in the Shores?

        1. re: SRosie

          Thanks for the recommendation. I just made reservations at Jack's. Should be a great time!

    2. This isn't along the coast of downtown, but I think Bite in Hillcrest would be good, esp. if you don't mind spending a little more. It isn't outrageously expensive, but it is small plates and between several plates and drinks, it could add up. The atmosphere is definitely hip. Contemporary decor, interesting music, etc.

      Here's a thread where I described some of the dishes from a visit in early November. It also has links to other threads regarding Bite:


      The restaurant's website is www.bitesd.com and one great thing they do is that you can call ahead to put your name on the list. By the time you drive over and find parking, your table's likely to be ready.