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Dec 6, 2007 04:06 PM

Church St. - Park Pl. recs?

My work may be moving to the Church St. - Park Place area. Are there any decent places to eat there between 7PM - 10PM on weeknights?

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  1. Any specifics? Price, cuisine, sit-down vs. take-out, etc...

    1. Came up with a few recs as I live in the area. Mostof these places are open until at least 10pm, some til 11pm:
      -Bon Bon Chicken (Korean fried chicken) on Chambers bet B'way and Church. Good stuff, get the sweet and spicy combo. I don't think they have the slaw anymore and the service can be a a bit slow. If getting takeout, call ahead.
      -Carl's Steaks (cheesesteaks) on Chambers about 1/2 block closer to B'way (not crazy about them but have had a good cheesesteak there before). Skip the fries.
      -Sophie's Cuban Cuisine(really good pernil with beans and maduros)-this is the only place that may close before 7pm. May be cash only.
      -Gee Whiz Diner (corner of Greenwich and Chambers)not crazy about it, but my girlfriend's family loves it. Standard Greek diner, a bit pricey, although probably just standard NYC diner prices.
      -The Soda Shop (Chambers bet Church and West B'way) good breakfasts and sweets, but haven't had dinner there yet, dinner menu looks good though.
      -Kitchenette (Chambers bet. West B'way and Greenwich) good comfort food, a bit pricey, but I like it a lot. Good mac-n-cheese, turkey meatloaf, turkey club sandwich, roasted garlic fries, tasty baked goods too (cupcakes, cobblers, bars).
      -Il Mattone (Greenwich bet. Hubert and Laight), Italian good grilled chicken sandwich w/mozzarella and roasted peppers, decent chicken parm. Never been there, always had delivery.
      -Bubby's (Hudson @ N. Moore) comfort food, great pie. Haven't been to this one in years as it can be crowded, usually go to the DUMBO locale.
      -Across B'way-Les Halles (John St near B'way) French brasserie-mussels, steak frites, french onion soup, macaroni and cheese, good burger. One of my favorites, not sure if they do takeout.
      -Zaitzeff (corner of John and Nassau) really excellent burger and fries combo of regular and sweet potato fries. Never been there, always had delivery.
      -L&L Hawaiian BBQ (Fulton St near Gold) I'm not crazy about it, but I have friends who swear by it.
      Most of these are listed on and I've ordered delivery for Kitchenette, Il Mattone and Zaitzeff on Hope this helps.

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          These are more lunch places than dinner places. Second Zaitzeff. Zaitzeff has the BEST sweet potato fries, it's a small place (dining in was better before they switched to plastic silverware and paper cups!). I respectfully disagree with billyboy and cannot recommend Les Halles. L&L is practically fast food. OP what's your price range? What are you looking for (cuisine, atmosphere)?

          You are a short walk from Seaport area (limited choices, a few good ones) and TriBeCa (better dining). You might want to do a search of this site there are many threads. I like Duane Park Cafe (prix fixe dinner $35) in TriBeCa and Acqua near the Seaport. Duane Park Cafe will be closing in January for renovations.