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Dec 6, 2007 03:57 PM

Any good French restaurants in the central NJ area?

Hello all. I was hoping that someone may know about a good French restaurant in the central NJ area? I've been reading alot of the posts on here today (and I must admit they are making me hungry!) and they are great. Still can't find too much on a good French restaurant in or around my neck of the woods. I know years ago Fromagerie was supposed to be one of the nicer French restaurants-but from the recent posts it seems to have changed? All replies will be greatly appreciated! Thanks much-Cheech

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  1. It depends what you mean by French. If your talking classic French then I would suggest Chez Catherine in Westfield (based solely on recommendations of friends as I've never been).

    1. Yes, I agree that Chez Catherine is where you want to go. Just check out the menus on their web page and you'll see that this is a classic French restaurant. Note, however, that they operate on the prix fixe principle for dinner.

      1. Not a lot to pick from, my vote goes to Manon in Lambertville.

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          I had forgotten about Manon, which is a lovely little BYO place. Depending on where the OP lives, however, it could be a long drive to Lambertville.

          Another possibility, if this part of the state is within striking distance, is to cross the river to La Bonne Auberge in New Hope. This too is a classic French restaurant but it's VERY pricey. The least expensive entree is $35.

        2. Chez Catherine - Classic French food, small, elegent, prices higher then average. Have dined here many times, never had anything I wouldn't gladly have again.

          Lorena's - Beautiful, very good food

          The hidden gem - Le Rendezvous in Kenilworth - small, laid back (but I feel okay when I dress up for it), BYOB, incredible food, a bargin (but not cheap)

          1. Chez Catherine in Westfiled. Well thought of on CH. Went once, it was great. Impeccable service too.