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Dec 6, 2007 03:41 PM

Lunch spot Philly U / Blue Bell trip - Ridge pike

Visiting Philly U tomorrow Am and I'm looking for a good lunch spot along the way between Norristown and Philly U. I'm looking for more than a cheesesteak(Dellasandro's=!!!) but less than a $20/plate lunch - $10-18 is fine. Any recommendations?


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  1. Just as you enter central Norristown coming up Ridge (Main St.), there's August Moon (Korean/Japanese) which is good and a Mexican place across the street which I hear is also worthy of a try, although I've never been to the latter.

    1. Tacqueria La Michoacana (ok, I probaby butchered that spelling) but that's the mexican Chefpaulo refers to...directly across from August Moon. Was jsut there for dinner last week..very good...I'd imagine lunch to be the same..

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        PS. Nice lunch at the Lucky Dog saloon. They do a nice burger. reubens, that sort of thing.. Ridge pike just before Joshua

      2. Lucky Dog would be a good place to stop for lunch. It gets crowded right around noon, but they move people out pretty quickly.

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          We went to the Lucky Dog. Excellent lunch... wife had Grilled chicken w/ BBQ, SIL had chicken parm and I had special of the day - Meatloaf sandwich w/ mushrooms. Also tried the Sour DJ - Black Bean w/ creme fraische (sp?). We finished w/ homemade apple crisp w/ ice cream.

          This is one of those places you'd never stop at if someone didn't tell you about it (or if your a local). We plan a revisit....

          Thanks Chowhounds!

        2. You could also try Johnny Manana's at the corner of Ridge and Midvale Aves close to Textile.

          (I graduated from there 27 years ago and can't call it PU)

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            i think i'd kill myself over going to johnny manana's ever again, quite frankly... i found a hair that was definitely not mine, and definitely not the kind that comes out of your scalp, in my food there... plus, up until the point that was discovered, i was less than thrilled to begin with... bland... good margaritas though. i'm still convinced there has GOT to be something better in east falls... still looking for it...

            michoacana - i think you spelled it right! i love them... miss living a mile from them (it's the only thing i miss about my old house). man their enchiladas suizas i used to chow down on until you had to roll me out of that place. great service too and a cute ambiance. is a little more expensive than you'd expect for a place authentic enough to have a language barrier between you and the servers, but still, i say it's worth the money cause i can't find that kind of food + ambiance + margaritas anywhere in philly. and all those places on west marshall street - i never got to truly delve into those when i lived there. only been to a couple, can't remember their names... but an experience for sure.

            i see a lot of signs for zeps in norristown. can anyone clue me in as to what these are?

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              Where are you from?

              As far as I can tell, a zep is wholly a Norristown area sandwich. It is essentially a hoagie without lettuce. We zep devotees have been waiting anxiously for our holy grail to re-open after moving...Eve's Lunch.

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                Zep=Cooked salami sandwich w/ onions, tomatoes, oregano, oil & vinegar on a round kaiser roll. Very simple but much tastier than you might expect.

                As reported elsewhere on Chowhound:

                hey everyone-

                I work at Eve's and there were a lotttt of delays with the construction of the building. However, we are looking to open the third monday in october but nothing is set in stone yet.

                Either way, I can't wait to see you there- Budd

              2. re: rabidog

                yep..what he said (EastPA)...salami, etc etc on a kaiser.. unique to Norristown as far as I know.

                it is very tasty sandwich..... 'when in rome..'

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                  P.S. Try Lou's on West Main St in Norristown for zep's... one of the original's and VERY good

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                    okay i'm intrigued now... i'm from DC and prior to moving here had never heard of a grinder or a hoagie (uhm, we called em hot and cold subs, respectively)... so i guess i've got to try this out!

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                      Fear not the hoagie. Is good.

                      Well, maybe not. Dont buy a hoagie at a Wawa for example, you might damage your tastebuds.

                      Salumeria (in good) Maybe a Primo's hoagie...theyre good

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                        i fell in love with the hoagies from a cut above deli out at the crossroads of rtes 3 and 252... i think it's the sarcone's bread...

              3. Try McNally's Tavern in Chestnut Hill. Now that place is an institution. It is located on Germantown Ave. and makes a great sandwich. Try their most famous and most delicious sandwich, The Schmitter.