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Dec 6, 2007 03:31 PM

In the 60631 Zip - Good place for Business Dinner

It's an expense account folks -
Anyplace that has a full bar, delicious food, and room for a party of 8+ is welcome.

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  1. There are some nice restaurants in that area, but nothing that screams great and "expense account" in the area.

    That being said, ZIa's Trattoria is a nice place (Italian) and they can certainly accommodate a party of 8.

    For steak/seafood, Elliott's Seafood Grille and Chophouse is pretty good (especially for steaks), except that it's a little small.

    A little farther away is the Black Ram, which is a very nice, old school restaurant specializing in continental food/steaks, all of which is very good. This may be your best bet in the area and it's not that far from 60631 -- it's about 10 minutes northeast (mostly north) of O'Hare.

    If you are trying to be close to a particular spot within that zip code or you're willing to travel a bit, please say so.