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Dec 6, 2007 03:03 PM

blackbean side dish

i have 4 cans of black beans and I am cooking a steak tonight, how could i prepare them. i never cook with beans so give me a bit of help here. thanks

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  1. add jalepenos, onions, corn, red/green peppers + cumin to a can rinsed & emptied into a pot. make it warm over the stovetop & squeeze a lime into the mix before serving.

    sour cream & cilantro go nicely on the plate.


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    1. re: reannd

      add some rice to it and some cilantro... and the rest that reannd said...

    2. If you like quinoa, you could cook up some quinoa, cool, and then add in jalapeno, red onion, mango, avocado, cilantro... lovely salad. Dress with lime juice and a touch of olive oil.

      1. I do black beans a lot. Just heat and mash, and there's your starch - a Latin American variant on meat and potatoes.

        1. Fave way to eat black beans:
          Fry up a few slices of bacon, chopped up. Set aside. Add a tbsp or two of the bacon grease to the beans. Add chopped onion/scallion, a can of rotel tomatoes with green chilies, chopped garlic, cumin, and cilantro. Heat, and then top with the crisp bacon. Cheese melted on top is also good.......