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Dec 6, 2007 02:47 PM

Miami Argentine

We'll be in South Beach without a car next weekend. I'd like to try 1 of the Argentine steak places. I've read about Liberty..which is convenient..and Graziano's..which we'll need a ride or long cab ride.

Pros and cons of each?..or something else?


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  1. I have not tried Liberty so can't speak to it. I've also only done the Coral Gables Graziano's and not the South Miami one, which I've heard is better. Graziano's is generally regarded as the "best of breed" among the Miami parillada joints, and from my experience at the Gables location, probably deservedly so. A little more elegant than other places, also a great and reasonably priced wine selection.

    For a more down-home experience, I like Las Vacas Gordas in North Beach - though I'll confess my preference may be because it's less than a mile from my house. It'll be a cab ride for you but not as long as Graziano's.

    They all tend to have pretty similar menus though Graziano's may be somewhat broader. Graziano's also does these short ribs which are quite nice which I've not seen everywhere.

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      The real deal grazianos is the midpoint between CG Grazianos (somewhat spiffy) and Liberty (semi hole in the wall) in elegance. The food is better at the real deal location. You walk in and the first thing you see is a pit full of meat, you know you have come to the right place...

      I'd do the real deal Grazianos over LVG any day...unless you had to take a cab. Frankly, Liberty is good enough for me to have no desire to go to LVG as I live in sobe. I have never been to Baires but have heard good things (not Grazianos good though)...

      1. re: tpigeon

        Graziano's at SW 40th St and 92nd Ave. (the "real deal" above i assume) is the best imo. The food is all excellent.

        My wife and I love it so much we had our wedding reception at the Coral Gables location last month and they did a really great job. Many people told us that the food was the best of any wedding that they had ever been to.

    2. Graziano's is excellent....the real deal on SW 40th street....Bird Road...isn't as pretty as the Coral Gables location but the food is a skosh better....Another Argentinian restaurant that is excellent is Novicentro in downtown Miami...banking district....No-vee-chen-tro....has the steak and the excellent italian dishes that Argentinians prepare with their special flair.....They have a great bar there too....midweek is best....tough to get into on a Friday or Saturday night.....Sunday for lunch is great too......If you want to go "Monster Meat".....argentinian style....Texas de Brazil at the Dolphin Mall is awesome!!...Meat..meat...and then more meat!....Hit the club soda before the meat arrives and you'll be fine......

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      1. re: LargeLife

        I've also heard the Bird Rd. Graziano's location has better food than the Gables one, but haven't been. The Gables one is pretty solid. As for the others -

        It's Novecento you are thinking of (no-veh-chen-to) and they have locations on Brickell and also on South Beach on Alton Road.

        Texas de Brazil is (1) Brazilian (hence the name), not Argentinian; and (2) a national chain with locations across the country.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          I actually never went to either Novecento, but I did not hear good things about the Brickell location. I did hear decent things about the Sobe location though.

          There should be a Texas de Brazil opening up very soon if not already in Sobe but as Frod said, it is a Brazillian rodizio, completely diffrent style and experience from Argentinian. If you want ot go that route, I recommend Grimpa, but I like the food at Grazianos more frankly.

          1. re: tpigeon

            Be patient, and you'll be able to visit a Texas de Brazil in a mall on your next trip to Wichita or Salt Lake City. Why go there if you are in Miami? Graziano's or any of the others is a better choice!

            1. re: taiga

              Has anyone been to the Graziano's in Hialeah? How does that one compare?

      2. Ooops....I stand corrected about calling Texas de Brazil an Argentinian restaurant....It was an easy mistake to make given that most of the severs (at the Dolphin Mall location) were Argentian.....My apologies.....Texas de Brazil is solid for meat...and it's OK to eat it in Miami!....Love Grazianos....awesome....pricey....but always very, very good....Service could improve.....a little too laidback for American fine dining tastes......and can actually frustrate.....Still love it though....

        1. After a week in the Keys, catching and eating fish, we neeeded somed red, bloody meat..:) and Liberty hit the spot. It's on a small side street annd appears to be a residential area. 1 of the nice things about CH is that this is a place that most visitors would be unlikely to find on their own.

          We shared an order of sweetbreads and skirt steak..steak done perfectly rare. Very casual cofortable environment; sat outside under a tent, friendly service. This isn't the same prime steaks you'll get at the top steak houses (nor could it be for the price); but a very tasty piece of beef.

          Gotta love South Beach; when my steak costs less than the drink I had pre dinner; a block away..:)

          Quality/value/enjoyment ratio very high..and we'd go back..sort of a refreshing change from the ultra trendy of the nearby area hotels.

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            Drink costing more than the steak is funny but true. That said, I think Soda at McDonald's cost more than a burger.... now that's scary