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Dec 6, 2007 02:32 PM

Tuna Fish Sandwich

Can anyone recommend a good tuna fish sandwich? A sandwich in which the tuna salad is mixed well with a good flavor. Tuna melt suggestions would be great as well.

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  1. Since you didn't specifiy location...

    I love the tuna melt at Coffee Table (in Eagle Rock). Surfas (in Culver City) also has a great tuna panini (with no mayo).

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    1. re: Obessed

      The one at Surfa's in one of my absolute favorites in the city. No mayo, fiscalini cheddar, herbed tuna...delicious.

    2. Where are you? If you're within shouting distance of Pasadena, the tuna at Pie'n'Burger is good enough to warrant choosing it instead of a burger. Requires both hand, due to bulk of contents. Nice fresh tuna flavor; they either use oil-packed or have found a way to make the water-packed crap taste good.

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      1. re: Will Owen

        I am in Los Angeles but I am willing to travel pretty far for a good meal.

        1. re: foodfever

          LA?!!! Get a Tuna Melt @ Langers. I'm sure you've tried their pastrami, but the tuna melt is JUST AS GOOD. Has small crunchy cubic celery and carrots interspersed. 7th & Alvarado.

      2. They have good tuna salad sandwiches at Nate 'n Al's in Beverly Hills.

        They have a good tuna melt at Fred 62 in Los Feliz.

        1. Clementine's in century city always has classic tuna, and sometimes has a melt.
          Very tasty

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          1. re: asnyder

            I second Clementine's tuna melt!! I don't think I've ever had a sandwich that I didn't like there, tuna or otherwise.

          2. I like the tuna sandwich and melt at the Beverly Hills Diner. (It's always fresh, and they don't use too much mayo.)

            Also, don't think I've every ordered it myself, but I seem to recall people having good things to say about the tuna sandwich at the Apple Pan.

            Beverly Hills Diner
            474 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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            1. re: David Kahn

              I haven't had the tuna sandwhich at Beverly Hills Diner, but I really like the place. Although some say its just following the menu of the Johnny Rockets it used to be, personally, I find the quality much better. Chili is good, fries are good, burgers are good. What's to argue?

              Meanwhile, yes, the Apple Pan does have good tuna salad sandwiches. My brother loves them. They are a little on the sweet-relish side for me. I prefer tuna that is made with dill rather than sweet pickle, which is why I didn't mention the Apple Pan in my first post, although I thought of it.

              1. re: DanaB

                I am a crazy tuna fish sammy fan and the best there is in LA is the Apple Pan. They'll put cheese on it and toast the bread for you if you ask, but I don't know that they'll do a straight up melt.

                1. re: Lmo1823

                  Does the word "sammy" have any regional, cultural or historic basis, or is it just lazy modern slang, like "natch" and "whatev"? Personally I find it like nails on a chalkboard.

                  1. re: wutzizname

                    My brother brought it back from college in West Virginia years ago. I think it's cute. And apparently so do the marketing gurus at Quiznos...

                    1. re: Lmo1823

                      I dont like it either. Prefer S A N D W I C H.. As to the tuna. The Kettle in Manhattan Beach on Rasin Toast is very good in my opinion..

                  2. re: Lmo1823

                    An enthusiastic third here for APPLE PAN's classic, old school version. I'm also a fan of SANTA FE IMPORTS' decadent take, which, I'm convinced, uses Genova Tonno -- mmmm Gen-ova to-nno ... arggghhh -- as well as the elegant, herbed version at CHAMPS ELYSéES on Roberston across from Il GELATO. That said, I lament the demise of AIRSTREAM DINER if for no other reason than for it's tuna sand. For some odd reason, it never matriculated to its sister restaurant, FRED 62, whose "White-Trash Tuna Fish Sandwich" is as crass as, well, FRED 62.

                    Champs Elysees
                    275 S Robertson Blvd Ste A, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                    Santa Fe Importers-Marisa Foods
                    1401 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

                2. re: David Kahn

                  As long as someoone else has already dared bring up diners, I will note that I very much like the tuna melt at Ruby's in Redondo Beach (probably all Ruby's are similar). If you like wheat bread, I think you'll be especially pleased, as they do use a good one. I've had one at Johnny Rockets and it was not nearly as good.