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Dec 6, 2007 02:02 PM

French Yogurt cake is wonderful - ideas for variations?

After seeing numerous mentions of the classic French yogurt cake (aka Gâteau au Yaourt), I finally got the recipe from Chocolate and Zucchini and made it last night.

How lovely! It was moist and tasty, sweet enough but not too sweet, and easy to dress up or down. Best, it's not that terribly high in fat or cholesterol - there's only two eggs and 1/3 cup of oil. Oh, and the full-fat yogurt, of course (I wouldn't skimp on this - life's too short).

I plan to make this cake again - lots! Althought I doubt that I would get tired of it, are there any variations I could do to the basic recipe? Lemon? Fruit bits? Part whole-wheat flour? Chocolate? Glazes?


P.S. Last night, I served it with a Cranberry Grand Marnier sauce (made from leftover homemade cranberry relish, thinned with a bit of orange juice and a huge splash of Grand Marnier). It was definitely good enough to serve to company.

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  1. AnneInMpls, I'm a big fan of this cake too. I used Fage 2% greek yogurt and simmered down a few apricots with bourbon for a thick glaze. Worked well.

    I'm thinking pomm molasses might make for a nice partner too :)

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      I would try Meyer lemons and maybe a little lemon zest.

    2. Thanks for linking this recipe. I've been wanting to make this type of cake for a while and now have no excuse! This seems to be one of those cakes that is open to all sorts of variations so I say do what you feel like.

      I personally like the idea of adding orange zest and baking into a loaf form for an easy breakfast or snack w/ tea. A lemon-lavender combo sounds really good too, as long as the lavender is used sparingly.

      1. I love this cake too. There are several variations you can find on the blog itself, my favorite being one with a layer of raspberries that also uses ground almonds for part of the flour. I would make that one with any kind of berries (cranberries!) and I bet sliced pears would be great. Or use other nuts. I agree it seems open to a million improvisations.

        1. I love this cake, too. Orangette does one (google for her blog) that is a lemon variation with a lemon sauce poured over-good, but I like the c&z one better. I have often ended up subbing a fruit flavored yogurt for all or part of the plain because it's what I've had on hand and it's been great that way, too.

          1. How do you think this would work as cupcakes? Anyone?