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Jun 14, 2006 05:16 PM

BBQ in San Francisco

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Does anybody know any really great BBQ joints in San Francisco?

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  1. Big Nate's is pretty good.. think they deliver also.

    1. Memphis Minnie's
      576 Haight (between Steiner and Fillmore)

      1. My two favorites are Memphis Minnie’s on Upper Height and Cliff's BBQue & Seafood on Bayshore (west of 101).

        MM's has the best brisket I have ever had west of Texas (including my own), and their pulled pork, rib tips, and just about all of their sides are out of this world too. They serve three sauces on the side (Texas Red, North Carolina, & South Carolina) which are not all that special, but MM's is all about the meat, not the sauce. For a bonus, they also do a very interesting brunch on the weekends, which I haven’t had a chance to attend.

        Cliff's also does an excellent brisket, but I go there for their Alabama cut ribs, greens, and beans, which are all better than MM's (or anywhere else in the City). Like MM's the thin red sauce is served on the side.


        1. My fave BBQ item in SF is the brisket from Big Nate's (SOMA)- smoky! beefy! (sauce on the side please - sold by the pound or in a meal combo) Everything else is OK. N.B. - They are the only BBQ in SF that delivers.

          1. Try the Ironwood BBQ at the golf course in Golden Gate Park, West end of the Park, just below Fulton. Why does "BBQ" and "joint" seem to always go together. This place is as low key as any BBQ joint, but tables are available outside along side the golf course lawn, so its very pleasant. I'm a ribs fan (baby back) and its on that basis I recommend this place. I haven't been to Memphis Minnie's but I've been to Bo's, so I'm confident in recommending this place. Living in the Bay Area, I know bad BBQ and this aint bad. They seem to know to put the sauce on the side and focus on the taste of the meat. Also must try thier baked beans. They offer a side of cole slaw which is not listed on their menu, so don't resort to a green salad to round out the meal.

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              The outdoor seating alows I took my Chowhound who enjoyed the food......not the best in the city but great people and nice park location...