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Dec 6, 2007 01:36 PM

Bar Pintxo looks ready for business!

Drove past it today, lights were on and there was action inside. Looks like they might actually make their projected opening date of this weekend.

I am so stupidly excited. Lord knows we're desperately in need of better food options in the Promenade area.

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  1. I am looking forward to (hopefully) authentic tapas!

    1. i had their food at the project by project food and wine event.
      looking forward to it.
      of course now im not in santa monica anymore and pretty much never go there as a destination EVER!
      okay, occasional josie visits.

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      1. re: modernist

        does anyone know if this bar is open yet?

        No word, no buzz, nothing.

        1. re: jlrobe

          Eaterla ran an item saying it opened on Dec. 8. Don't know if that was the case or not.

          1. re: Servorg

            I rode by on Saturday morning and they were painting the exterior, everything but the mosaic Bar Pintxo sign. Maybe that was the last touch and they would be opening that evening?

            1. re: Wolfgang

              I read the Dec. 8th line too. Eater usually has an update when the date comes and goes.

              So, general consensus is by the end of the year.

              On another note: Will Alain Guirad's brasserie be opened by Feb 08? Any news?

      2. Any updates? I also hear its opening within the week. Expecting to see lots of Chowhounder early reviews!

        1. According to the LA Times Food sections Restaurant Journal it is opening today. Hours are listed as noon to midnight daily. No reservations.

          109 Santa Monica Blvd.
          Santa Monica CA
          310 458 2012

          1. Surely someone's been there now if they are open?

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            1. re: ElJeffe

              Small, too bright, overpriced, BRUTAL stools that almost seem to want to make it impossible for patrons to linger.

              Some delicious items, but the bill was $80 for two people eating what could only be described as small snacks, 4 total, with 2 glasses of wine.

              I see some retooling in their near future.

              1. re: balzachertz

                Sadly have to agree on all points. What we got was tasty but WAY overpriced for the portion size. They either need to cut the prices or make the portions bigger. I was in shock and I don't even have a big appetite at dinner.
                I was so bummed. Was excited for a great new place in Santa Monica. I will have to keep waiting.

                1. re: bruinike

                  Man, this is a crushing blow. I love Joe's and I assumed he could find a way to bring great tapas to Los Angeles at last.

                  The exorbitant price is pretty funny when pintxos bars in Spain typically include low end bar fare you eat with drinks like a happy hour, and pay by the toothpick.

                  1. re: ElJeffe

                    ElJeffe, you would think that someone at the restaurant would know about tapas--history of tapas, culture of tapas--but they all had no idea. They now charge for fino by the ounce--$6. They really need to send the chef for a week or two to Spain.

                  2. re: bruinike

                    Last Saturday night, I had the sauteed, not fried, calamari, and must say that for a non-calamari fan, it was fabulous. The portion was generous for an appetizer, yet I would have paid double to have had a main course/entree-sized serving. Everything I ate was good, some portions more generous than others, yet the experimentational aspects of the all-Spanish wine list, the variety of the foods on the menu seldom seem in LA area restaurants, and the conviviality of the place, hard as hell stools included, made this a place one I would return to asap, yet also would not plan on its being a dinner place, but a small-medium bite before a bigger something else somewhere else.