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Dec 6, 2007 01:35 PM

Sis & I headed to NO...

My sister and I are celebrating her 30th Birthday in New Orleans, Dec. 7 - 10... we'll be on foot and staying near the French Quarter...willing to cab it, take public transp. to other parts of the city...

We LOVE cajun/creole food, but we're also watching our money while there...any awesome restaurant recs where my sis and I can eat dinner for a tab under $50 and a lunch tab under $25...?

Best place to splurge in your opinion, and why, what are you favorite dishes there?

Thanks...hope this isn't a ridiculous request that has been ask a bajillion times before.

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  1. You could get by at Cochon for $50 for 2, with just doing a few small plates and no alcohol. I love the oysters there and the boucherie plate. You could do tapas at rio mar for lunch. But for lunches in that price range, I'd stick to grabbing a po-boy or a muffellata somewhere. If I were you, I'd consider eating cheaply most of the time and save the money on one nice meal. Coops and EAT would be good choices for lunch or dinner.

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      Awesome...yup, exactly, we want to go all out for dinner one you recommend any awesome po-boy places?

      I've been to quite a few restaurants there before, but never remember where I've been, etc., over the years... I make a lot of short, not always pleasure trips there, so I've never spent so much time researching great much to choose from!

      Our parents got us a gift certificate at Crescent City brewhouse for sis's b-day...which is okay, I've been there a few times before, but they're wild about it, lol! Cochon looks fabulous, I'm on their website now! Appreciate your help!

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        Johnny's po-boys in the quarter are pretty good. I'm a Parasol's fan, but it is could take the streetcar but to Washington and walk down to it (but only for lunch), that may be nice, then spend the day shopping on Magazine Street. Have fun!!

    2. For your splurge dinners do either Brigtsens or Stella. Brigtsens is what a great NO restaurant should be. It is uptown in this charming cottage, service is familiar/friendly but not too much. The duck dish is the best in the city, in my opinion. Butternut/Shrimp bisque is unreal.

      Stella is what fine dining should be, in my opinion. A chef with a passion for food who wants to test the limits of flavor/texture combinations. While it is fine dining, the room is not stuffy or pretentious. It is nice, but not over the top, kinda "just right." The seabass in lobster/crab/sharkfin broth with green tea soba/udon noodles - out of this world good. My girlfriend is still talking about the lamb 2 ways there. Just a perfect restaurant. Attentive waitstaff, helpful and knowledgable wine service that does not push more expensive bottles on you, etc.

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        I've added all these suggestions to my list, thank you so much!

        I don't think we're goign to have time to do anything else with all the eating we're planning on doing ;-)

      2. Cheaply awesome (or awesomely cheap?) are Cafe Reconcile and Lil Dizzy's. Both serve downhome creole soul food at affordable prices....

        Cafe Reconcile
        New Orleans, LA, New Orleans, LA

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I just wanted to thank everyone for your help! Our trip was fabulous! Funny enough, we didn't eat all that much, just kept so busy and usually at a very late lunch we didn't eat nearly as much as we would have liked! We had a fabulous dinner at Cochon and a wonderful lunch at Palace Cafe...otherwise, my sis wasn't feeling nearly as adventurous as I typically am so we didn't venture out much...much to my dismay... I can't wait to go back w/ my husband in January! He'll hit all the awesome hot spots with me! Thanks again!