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Dec 6, 2007 01:22 PM

Green Basil restaurant on Queen east of Woodbine

I just got their flyer in my mailbox. Has anyone eaten there? Any good?

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  1. I should preface this by saying that I'm not any sort of expert in Thai cuisine, although I do enjoy it a great deal if it's prepared well. That said...

    I had high hopes for Green Basil because it is a block from my house and we're in need of something delicious in this area. Unfortunately, this is not it. The first time I tried it, mr. clicquot and I went to the restaurant for a sit down meal. In fairness, they had just opened but the meal was forgettable at best. We had cold rolls, which if I recall were bland and dry - lots of shredded lettuce, carrots and a small piece of pork. We then had the pad thai and spicy beef. The pad thai was of the usual overly sweet, goopy variety found all too often in local Thai restaurants. We didn't finish it. The spicy beef wasn't any better. The beef was breaded and kind of hard and if I recall the sauce was more sweet than spicy. Again, we didn't finish it. Service was ok and the decor is clean and fresh. They really transformed that old Mersini space.

    We figured we'd give them a second chance after they had some time to work out some of the early problems. We got take-out and it was marginally better but still not super. We got the green curry chicken and some noodles - maybe the pad see ew (sp?). The flavour of both was decent but the green curry sauce had separated a bit, giving it a bit of an unappealing texture. The noodles were ok but nothing spectacular. I'd be interested to hear any other opinions however, maybe we were just unlucky.

    IMO, Thai House (about a block west on Queen) has better food. However, they have been having some inspection issues (which we're not allowed to discuss on here) so I haven't been eating there recently.

    Hope that helps!

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    1. re: ms. clicquot

      Thanks! Too bad. It would be nice to have good Thai delivery in my area (Woodbine & Danforth).

      1. re: Full tummy

        I know what you mean. I'm sure we'll try Green Basil again so I'll post any updates if it improves with time!

        1. re: ms. clicquot

          Thanks! Meantime, my husband and I ate at Mengrai Thai tonight, and it was excellent. Too bad it's not in our nabe.

          1. re: Full tummy

            I'm soooo glad you liked Mengrai. It is too bad it isn't in your 'hood. It's a great place to go, though, if you're downtown shopping and want to dine somewhere away from the crowds of shoppers. A quick Queen car ride east from the Eaton Centre to Ontario St and voila!

            1. re: Googs

              Yes, and last night, we wanted to go there again with friends, but when making the reservation, we were told the Ontario Street location was booked for an event, and they said they had a second location on Jarvis just south of Gerrard. So, we went there, instead. It's not Mengrai Thai, but Thai by Sasi or something like that.

              Atmosphere is not as nice: It's in a lower-level space, very small, and a little colder with tiled floors and plainer decor.

              The food was still very good; it's hard to know how different it is, since we did not order all the same dishes. However, in a couple of cases, we could compare one restaurant against the other. For instance, we had the lemongrass coconut soup, and they were a bit different, but both were enjoyable. Not sure which I would say was better.

              What I did notice, though, was that the prices at the Jarvis location tend to be somewhat cheaper. Some of the "signature dishes" were four or five dollars less on Jarvis.

              Has anyone else eaten at the Jarvis location, and what is your experience?

              1. re: Full tummy

                I went to Sasi Thai once about a year ago, and found it to be okay... about half the dishes we had were very well done (particularly the red curry with lychees), but the other half were disappointing. I didn't find it of the quality of Mengrai, and was disappointed overall... but that may be because Sasi and Alan's son was doing the cooking that night, and perhaps he's less experienced than the regular chef.

                1. re: vorpal

                  There was a woman cooking the night we went in to Sasi Thai; she seemed to be in her 40's. We ate the red curry, but the people I went with asked for it mild, which I doubt is how the chef would normally cook it; nonetheless, it was still enjoyable. The appetizer platter appeared to be pretty much the same thing, except it had taro rolls on it, which were not on the platter at Mengrai.

    2. We ordered large delivery order for a BD party yesterday from Green Basil. It was quiet good.

      We have gone to Thai House lots in the past and I'm intrigrued by what you mean as 'inspection issues.' We have fed our kids on Thai House takeout in the past, so if there is an issue would it be possible to say what it is?


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        1. re: vorpal

          Many thanks.

          I've eaten there a number of times before,but never again. Gross.

          Looks like the same 'issues' keep cropping up.

      1. I know the post is quite old but new people do be reading them to find out where is good. I've visited Green Basil just one week ago as it is a block from where I live. I have been meaning to go for a while now and never got around to it. Well... the food was fantastic. I went with my boyfriend and he really enjoyed his meal too. I'm so glad I never came across this post before I went or i'd never have gone. But it must have just improved or something as the food really was great. And it was so reasonably priced. We had two main courses, we didn't get a starter and just had water to drink and it came to about $22.50. The staff were very nice aswell which was an added bonus. I can't wait to go back again and try something else. I've seen so many dishes in there that look nice, i'm not a seafood fan so that will count a number of dishes out for me. But the Spicy thai noodle with chicken is really good. I am not an expert on Thai cuisine either so I can not judge it on that but as far as food goes this was very good and so worth the money. Don't order a starter as the meal is more than enough! Decor is nice also. :)

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        1. re: ciaramcevoy

          Unfortunately we recently had the exact opposite experience. Although we're far from experts on Thai food ourselves, we were very disappointed with our order. The rice was mediocre (seemed like a spongy version of uncle bens with a handful of frozen mixed vegetables tossed in), and we were taken aback by the large peices of inedible plastic-like pieces in our curry. We were told later that this was thai ginger. Authentic, yes but it should either be ground, or used as a flavouring and discarded. I almost choked while eating my dinner. Needless to say we won't be returning. Pity as the ambiance is nice, and the beaches needs a decent restaurant!

          1. re: torontogal

            It's not uncommon in Thai cooking to have inedible ingredients included in a dish, with the expectation that they are there to add flavour and presentation and the diner should eat around them: galangal (or "Thai ginger"), as you encountered, is one such ingredient, although I'll say that it's unusual to have it in a curry like that.

        2. This restaurant was disappointing for a Thai Restaurant. I went with my friend for lunch. I had a Groupon for $30 to use there. We ordered the Cashew Nut Chicken and Phad Thai. The Cashew Nut Chicken was ok and Phad Thai was not good. The Phad Thai was not authentic and not that good compared to Spring Rolls or Salad King's Phad Thai. They also didn't put much chicken or shrimp on it, I guess they were being cheap with the ingredients. I also ordered these appetizers: Calamari, chicken skewer and beef skewer. The Beef skewer was not good, it was very chewy and I couldn't even eat it. Chicken was ok and calamari was good.

          Anyhow, overall I wouuldn't go back to this restaurant. The service is ok. The waiter didn't seem to like the fact that I had a groupon to be used. I only went there for the first time to try it out b/c of my groupon which is like a $30 gift card I bought online for $15 so the meal was like 50% off.

          There's much better Thai restaurants out there and this place was not worth the drive for me to drive from the West end all the way to the East end of mediocre Thai food.

          Green Basil
          2120 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1E2, CA

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          1. re: haiyenlam

            I tried Green Basil recently for dinner, and it was a miss. We ordered some chicken curry, and a pad thai. Overall, the quality of food was poor to mediocre at best (both dishes were very plain & poorly executed) and we will definitely not be returning. Nice decor, but the food just doesn't make the grade sadly.

            Green Basil
            2120 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1E2, CA