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best soft serve ice cream or custard

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looking for a quality well above the level of DQ or Carvel. in any state

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    1. re: Cathy

      I think that Schmidt's Fudge Haus in German Village, Ohio serves great vanilla custard. Please let me,m jknow what you think... My kids and parents love going there...

      1. in jersey, soft serve Jersey Freeze.

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        1. re: yankeefan

          Second yankeefan. Jersey Freeze round these parts. And I don't even really like ice cream.

            1. re: Tay

              120 Manalapan Ave.
              Freehold NJ
              (732) 462-3008

              This place has the good stuff. My first job ever was at Carvel in Jackson NJ. Despite my *non-love* of ice cream, I've eaten more than my share :).

        2. In Kansas City area - Sheridan's! (Custard)

          Honorable Mention - Foo's (Custard)

          Ice Cream - Sylas & Maddys (in KC and in Lawrence)

          1. In Michigan, Ritter's frozen custard

            1. My wife and I are huge fans of Kohr Brother's custard. The Vanilla/Orange swirl is a great combination.

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              1. re: ccbweb

                Kohr Bros. is great and also if you happen to be in St. Louis (they also do mail order) Ted Drewes is fantastic.

                1. re: valerie

                  How can I place a mail order? I don't see the info on the website. Thanks!

                  I'd like to send it to someone getting his tonsils out next week!

                  1. re: rln

                    If this doesn't link directly to the ordering page, there is a section on the website "How To Order".


              2. Marvel in Lido Beach, NY (don't know if it's open for the winter).

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                1. re: amymsmom

                  Drove past Marvel this afternoon. It's open again! Now I need an excuse for all those smooth delicious calories.

                2. If you are into custard, you need to visit Milwaukee, WI. Been several years since we have been there, but there is one (Ghille's??) On Indian Mound Rd. just a few minutes from the zoo and Kopp's.

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                  1. re: Diane in Bexley

                    It's Gille's and it's on Bluemound Rd in Wauwatosa, just east of 76th st. It is very good and Milwaukee does have several to choose from. I think every custard stand has a flavor of the day and Kopps even has a hotline that you can call to get the selections.

                  2. In N-E Ohio, Stricklands is the best. Cleveland has both Honey hut and Malleys that are also very good.


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                    1. re: Kelli2006

                      Kopp's in Milwaukee is the best I've ever had (three locations). Ted Drewe's in St. Louis is justly famous, but not as good as Kopp's in my view. Here in Chicago, the best place is a small one called Scooter's. All of these are so much better than DQ or Carvel so as to be virtually a different food. Real frozen custard is not soft serve ice cream; it's a different product.

                      1. re: jjo

                        Haven't been to Ted Drewe's but Kopp's custard rocks my world. Am driving there in a few days to fulfill my need for smooth creamy delicious.

                        1. re: windycity

                          Ted Drewes is the best I've ever had, though I remember the Pig 'n' Whistle in Milwaukee too!

                          The best gourmet soft serve? Sketch, in Berkeley, as Morton the Mousse writes.

                    2. Tasti d -lite for yogurt and Cones for ice cream. Both in NYC

                      1. Goodberry's in North Carolina.

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                        1. re: jazzy77

                          Not hardly. I'm no fan of Carvel (wouldn't eat their soft serve if you paid me) but I'd put Goodberry's at many steps below Carvel. All their flavors, no matter what color, taste like artificial vanilla.

                        2. Freddy's frozen custard is pretty doggone good! They are located in TX, OK, KS, and AZ and if you get a chance to eat there, don't pass it up!

                          1. The Elder Ozlette lived in St. Louis for 7 years (college and thereafter), and Ted Drewes was high on my list every time I visited her. I don't know if Kopp's is better, as jjo suggests, but what I do know is that there is nothing equivalent -- or even similar -- to either in southern California. Or ... is there?? Ideas, anyone?

                            1. If you are in the Washington DC area, Dairy Godmother in Del Ray has amazing custard!

                              1. Kopp's in Milwaukee. They do deliver! kopps.com

                                1. The Kandy Kone in White Lake NY. Only open April-Oct, Well worth the drive from NYC. It's the Real Deal

                                  1. Sketch - Berkeley, CA - soft serve

                                    1. Michael's Frozen Custard in Madison is better than Kopp's or anything in Milwaukee. And that's a fact, not an opinion.

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                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                        I second Michael's Frozen Custard! Culver's (also mentioned above) is pretty good as well.

                                        1. re: andyeats

                                          I don't claim to be any sort of custard expert, but I second Culver's. Chocolate with Snickers topping is my fave...

                                      2. I hope YaYaDave or Kelli2006 can help me out remembering a name for this place...

                                        It's about 8 minutes from Beachwood Mall, traveling past the highway enterances, cut a left past the golf course and end up on another main street with a BP gas station on one corner. Make a left and go down a mile or 2 on the left side next to a La-Z-Boy store. East something something Custard. The joint is always packed to the gills and its is amazing!


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                                        1. re: chelleyd01

                                          I think this may be what you have in mind.

                                          I never liked Honey Hut or the stuff at Malleys, but Stricklands in Akron is very good.
                                          P.S. You can call me Kelli, as I only added the 2006 to register Kelli, as it was already taken.

                                          1. re: Kelli2006

                                            Holy crap! Thats the place! I love that place! Thank you and that is my vote!

                                            1. re: chelleyd01

                                              Wow! I didn't know about this. It seems like you went from Trader Joe's to Mayfield Rd without going back on the highway. The store in Lynnwood is only about 2 miles from the Costco on Mayfield. I'll remember. Thanks.

                                              1. re: yayadave

                                                Oh ho! I looked it up and now I see where you were. Same neck of the woods. Well, in any case, I'll be able to find it next time i'm in the area.