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Dec 6, 2007 01:04 PM

What would a Sydneyitewant to try most, in NYC? [moved to Manhattan board]

Folks, we have a narrow and specific mission for this board- to share tips on where to find great chow in Australia and New Zealand. Discussion of great chow in Manhattan belongs on the Manhattan board, so we've moved the thread there, and we hope you'll all add your input on that thread

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  1. Why could it not go in both areas?

    A Manhattanite doe snot necessarily know what a Sydneyite does not have available to them in Sydney , there fore would not necessarily know what to recommend - I'm a Manhattanite living in Sydney and would probably not have seen this topic if it was not on this area of the boards...

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    1. re: sandra in australia

      aha sandra, I agree. net nanny at her worst - I'm glad you raised it!!!

      1. re: kmh

        I also agree. I thought it was a valid question for the Sydney board as it was directed at Sydney foodies. Seems very unlikely it will get a response on the Manhattan board. We must hope that the OP doesn't take guests to the "Downunder Pub" as they think this is what we like.