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Dec 6, 2007 12:54 PM

Ideas for vanilla sugar

Hi all,

I recently bought a nice jar of vanilla sugar but have yet to use it! I've had it for over 2 months now... A shame, I know.

Can you suggest how I can best use this?


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  1. Make creme brulee or flan or panna cotta. Any dessert that uses a custard or something.

    1. I make my own vanilla sugar. I use it in rice pudding, scones, muffins, pudding, etc.

      1. You put it where you normally have vanilla included in a recipe, though it is usually not as strong. I actually always have a jar of regular sugar with a couple of used vanilla beans in it (after scraping the goodies from inside I just throw them into the sugar and it smells divinely).I use it in cakes, cookies, crepes where it just needs a little bit of vanilla taste.

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        1. re: polish_girl

          I also make my own vanilla sugar, and use it in almost all non-savory dish. It is a welcome surprise for coffee and tea at the holidays.

          1. re: Kelli2006

            You can use it to soften anything that is too tart, like a viniagrette or even lemonade.

        2. In future, don't buy it. Just stick a split vanilla pod, or a piece of same, in your sugar container. You can even use a used pod (say, one that you've previously used for a recipe, or scraped, etc.). They last forever, and you just keep pouring the new sugar on top of it.

          I actually use that sugar for all my sugar uses. Even when cooking savory things that require sugar (e.g., Chinese marinades, etc.). In such dishes, the amount of sugar is usually so small that the vanilla doesn't make a difference.