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Dec 6, 2007 12:51 PM

Crock pot, part 2....which to get?

I'm a single guy....VERY small kitchen with practically no storage. I was thinking 5 qt....whadya think? Also, are there dohickeys that are particualrly useful that I should look timers, adjustable heat...? any brands you especailly like (or dislike)?

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  1. You kidding!!?? The crockpot I have to use here in Colombia cost me $$$ and the ceramic pot doesn't separate from the whole unit. I don't have a replacement because I haven't been able to hand carry a new one back from the US. I packed a small one back a few months ago. It cost virtually nothing from Target. The cost to people like me living outside of the US is hand transport on flights back from the US. The cost of the thing, whatever it is, is (to us) FREE.

    Sorry for the rant. What I meant was, go out and get any good crock pot from Target or WalMart. You can't miss.

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      Golly, Sam...didn't mean to push that button.

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        howboy, sorry, really. Please refer to the last sentence. I brought back a 1.5 quart ChefMate. Paid nothing. Works great! But is small.

      2. re: Sam Fujisaka


        Do you need a new ceramic liner or it is designed that way? Try if what you are looking for is a new liner.

        Dumb question -- why can't someone in the US just send a new one to you?

        1. re: RGC1982

          RGC, the old crock pot I have is ugly and the crock doesnt separate from the base and sides; and you cant submerge the monster to wash the crock. I get extremely frustrated whenever I'm in the US and walk through the cookware areas of WalMart or Target--the stuff is soooo cheap I want it all but can't carry that much back. I could have friends in the US send stuff, but where would my list start and stop?

      3. I've used a Rival crockpot for years. They're great. A 5 quart should be fine for a single guy.

        1. There are 2 basic kinds: those with a removable crock, and those without. I recommend the removeable kind, as they're easier to clean (I've had both).

          Size depends on what you're planning on cooking, and what you do after it's cooked.

          When I was single, I used the crock pot to make large batches of something, which I then portioned out and froze. I had a small one and a large one. After I got the larger one, the smaller one never got used again. 7 or 8 quarts it was, oval shaped, I think it was a Rival brand.

          So for my usage, the larger the crock pot, the more portions I could cook at once, and the less often I needed to pull it out to cook with.

          I've never seen one with a timer, but that would have been useful. High, low and off sufficed for me, although perhaps a keep warm setting might have been useful if I had ever used it to keep food warm for a buffet style dinner.

          1. I would get a crock pot w/o a removable pot and hopefully 3 heat levels. I have never felt the timers to be that accurate or useful.

            5 qt will make plenty of chili, or a large roast.

            1. As a single person, I found that a 4 quart was good enough since I had limited tolerance for eating the same thing many days in a row. If I had a larger freezer, I guess I could have frozen meals ready and thus rotated my crock pot meals. I use one now mostly for beans and caramelizing onions.

              I got one at a thrift store and it only had low and high heat, which was fine for my use. Definitely get the kind with the removable insert, like the others said.