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Dec 6, 2007 12:50 PM

What to get at Les Halles?

Big A.B. fan - No Reservations, and his books...going to Les Halles on Park next week and pretty excited about it. Anything on the menu that's a can't-miss? (Even though I know a lot of folks on here don't like it...I'm gonna give it a go)


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    1. Bourdain hasn't been involved with Les Halles for years.

      I suggest that you get the bill, and get the door.

      1. I tried the Penne and gruyere they have at the Les Halles downtown (they call it a mac and cheese), and it was bland and kind of disappointing, so you may want to avoid that one.

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        1. re: shivohum

          Second the John Street location is inconsistent and should be avoided.

        2. The smoked herring appetizer is excellent, as is the choucroute, and I like the boudin noir(blood sausage) with apples. Steak tartare is also very good. I would not go there for a grilled steak, though, as they are nothing special.

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          1. re: rrems

            The food a Les Halles is really inconsistent -and the above poster was correct when he indicated that Bourdain has not been involved in day to day operations for years.

            That being said, they do have an excellent butcher. The rillette is fantastic and I think they have the best hanger steak in NYC.

            1. re: tbear

              I read somewhere recently that Bourdain and Eric Ripert will be manning the stoves sometime within the next two weeks for a TV taping. Could be interesting.

              1. re: tbear

                I adore Les Halles - the one on Park, I don't like the service at John Street. I usually have the cassoulet or hanger steak. I met Bourdain at one lunch at Park - probably about two years ago, he was there filming for No Reservations so he does hang around a bit.

              2. re: rrems

                Actually, I had dinner at the Park Ave location on Sunday evening and the steak au poivre was one of the best steaks in terms of both flavorful and tender meat that I've eaten in many, many years. My friend liked her boudin noir very much as well.

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