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Dec 6, 2007 12:42 PM

Waitresses in Montreal, Globe


I recently was in Montreal for a business trip and ate at a place called Globe. It seemed like a half-decent, but actually really expensive place. What was weird was the waitresses (and they were all waitresses) were all about 20 years old and they all dressed like the hostess at a strip club. They were nice and all but completely clueless and really inappropriate for a place where you're going to drop $100+ a person.

No offence to our friends up north, but is this some weird Canadian thing or was that place as ridiculous to you as it was to me?

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  1. It's a Globe thing. I think they think it compensates for the half-decent food. It doesn't. We both burst out laughing as our waitress leaned over the table, almost spilling out onto it, and told us the special was rack of lamb.

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      That's comedy. Yeah, it was odd. Kept waiting for someone to offer us a lap dance.

    2. Montrealers call this club parading as a restaurant, of which there are many on Saint-Laurent north of Sherbrooke 'Tits & Glitz'. Sometimes this refers to the female staff, patrons or both. I would check out Cavalli (on Peel) on Thug Thursdays where bullies and plastic surgery bob together with the lamentable and overpriced food.

      Nonetheless, when I do have business clients in town who are more into the view than the food, I will bring them to these establishments as I hopefully will have an excuse to NOT ferry them to a real honest strip club for a rack of mutton.

      Anyone for a top 5 Montreal 'Tits & Glitz' list?

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        Tits & Glitz:
        A top 5 list of Montreal Area Restaurants serving more recyclable clevage than caviar:

        1. Globe
        2. Buonna Notte
        3. Cavalli
        4. Rosalli
        5. Time Supper Club

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          Thanks for the explanation. I was dumbfounded.

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            That is an unfair comment re: Cavalli. The wait staff is definitely not hired for any kind of food service ability, but the food is most definitely not "lamentable", particularly once one figures in the surcharge for the scenery. Unless standards have slipped within the last year the quality of the food is quite good.

            In the beginning, food was quite good at both Globe and Rosalie too, when each was under the guiding hand of David McMillan (my meals there were generally above-average to excellent). Globe is now mediocre, and Rosalie is quite disgusting: inedible tartare, warmed-over pasta, a disaster from beginnning to end. So far as I know, Cavalli has not yet taken this plunge.

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              In my two visits to Rosalie, when it was under McMillan, I found the food hit or miss.

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                Fair enough. For my part, both Globe and Rosalie were always satisfactory or better during their heyday, based on dozens of visits. Among many memorable dishes I had one of the best steaks in memory at Globe, huge and perfectly cooked, miles better than anything I have had at QdC (which is on my blacklist).

                For the record, I just had a very good lunch at Cavalli. Endive salad with first-rate prosciutto and figs, butterfish marinated in miso with wasabi mayonnaise. Granted, I don't think that the snow peas added anything to the main course, the dessert was utterly forgettable, and coffee took so long that we gave up and left..... However, we had already been comped a dessert wine, and everyone left happy.

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                  ...and I had dinner last night at Rosalie (because I had to). The lamb was mediocre, sauce was cold and I was served FROZEN vegetables. Wine list as absurd as QdC. Oratorio for $100? Everything at more than 3x SAQ. The waitresses are the most beautiful in the city, and against all odds our server was both charming and competent. The hostess, on the other hand, pulled the wine list out from under the elbow of my female companion before we had even looked at it, and walked off with it. Our charming waitress apologized and brought it back.

                  As a restaurant, it is an insult.

          2. A couple of restaurants on St-Laurent, and elsewhere in the city, call up model agencies and hire wanna-be-models that haven't really broken through yet (Buena Note in front does the same thing). I went to Globe a couple of years ago and we were the beneafactors of an error by the waitress. I ordered a half-bottle of dessert wine worth 35$ and pointed it also on the menu at the same time, you can never be too careful. She opened the bottle and we were having our first glass and she came over 5 minutes later asking me in a horrified tone which bottle I had ordered. I answered the first one on the card and she said she had made a mistake that this half-bottle was worth 450$...haha
            She never apologized, she took the bottle away and we held on to our glasses afraid that she would take the glasses away also! I liked the wine but I am not sure I would have paid that price for dessert wine! They had a huge argument behind the bar to find out who was responsable for the error! The food was so ordinary also. I was not impressed and would never go there again.

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              Any fine legal minds here, who would know whether the Consumer Protection Agency rules on pricing apply to restaurants, as well as retail?

              In a retail store, that would be management's responsibility. The rules are a bit more complex than that, but you get the drift.

              And what the hell will they do with the opened bottle anyway? Cripes.

              Much, of course, can be said about (against) lookism in the restaurant field - obviously I'm not talking about good grooming or appropriate dress and manners...

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                A friend of mine, who is a waitress in a restaurant in Mtl, said that they probably tried to sell it at the bar by the glass to try and make up for the loss. Most restaurants make the waiters pay for their mistakes. If a client leaves without paying or you have punched in an item that the client doesn't want, the waiter has to pay the whole amount. It is probably why they freaked out when they saw the mistake that they made!

            2. First off I wanna thank you sooo much for saying what you just said. I think its about time someone reminds the supper club scene what the definition of class is. Breasts sell drinks and get tips...true and these girls do work hard for their money cuz most of the bosses at all the clubs listed below are the same owners, a bunch of pricks that tell them to wear that and treat them like dirt. Im a montrealer and went to a couple of these places once and that was enough to make my decision not to go back...basically you go there to be seen, do coke or try to meet a rich arab guy. I prefer a place where i can carry a conversation, have a good time without losing my shirt or sniffing something up my nose. cleavage is welcome but i do think there is a line(ironic?) that should be respected that involves age/class/genre. Sorry to vent, these places are chique and add a nice decor to the montreal night scene but the owners need to be told that they make us look cheap.

              MARDIS GRAS sank with new orleans...grow up!