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Dec 6, 2007 12:40 PM

Los Dos Molinos - downtown Phoenix

Los Dos Molinos opened a new place on 10th Street and Washington downtown, as reported by the Republic yesterday. I checked it out for lunch today. As expected, the two room restaurant is already packed at lunch, and we had to wait 10 - 15 minutes after arriving around 11:45. The line got longer behind us, too.

The menu appears to be the same as the other locations. I ordered one of the specials, a roast pork burrito with a side of beans. We started with chips and two salsas (green and red). The red was tasty and pretty hot. The green was more tangy with a kick, as well. One guy with me commented that the chips tasted like store bought. I disagreed, but they weren't the best chips I've had.

The roast pork burrito was great, covered in green chile sauce. The pork was amazingly flavorful, although I wish there was more of it. The beans were great, kind of a combo of refried and whole beans. Everything was very hot and fresh. The green chiles were not as hot as I remembered. Either that or I've burned off my back east taste buds over the years and I can handle more spice now. In any case, we were stuffed after a satisfying lunch.

Service was friendly, but very harried. There didn't seem to be enough staff to handle the crowd, and we waited a long time for drinks, refills, chips, etc. Again, everyone was very nice, but very busy.

Someone else picked up the tab, but I think the special was $8 or $9, plus the ala carte beans. We will definitely be back, but if you plan to go, try to arrive early, or plan a later lunch. When we left around 12:45 the place was pretty much empty. I think they are only open for lunch now with plans to open for dinner soon.


Los Dos Molinos
1010 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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  1. FYI tonight (12/6) is the soft opening of the dinner hours.

    1. I've been twice for lunch. Food is very similar to the other locations -- quite good in my opinion, although it can be salty. Service and atmosphere seemed better at Downtown, however, than at either Mesa or South Phoenix. I think they've got a real winner here if they play their cards right.

      1. Chile peppers tend to vary in spice a good deal according to factors such as: the weather that year, time of harvest, particular plant... So it's probably not you. I know that just when I think I'm immune, I get a fiery one or when I anticipate really spicy is too spicy, it may end up bland.