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Dec 6, 2007 12:38 PM

Where to eat after the Queens Zoo?

I browsed the boards but I don't know my way around Queens well enough to tell what is really near Flushing Meadows Park. Anything up to a 15-20 minute walk from the zoo or the Hall of Science, etc., would be fine, and we are open as to what type of cuisine, we just want something delicious and fun. Any recommendations? Thank you!

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  1. I'm also planning a first trip to the Zoo via subway. Using mapquest, I was able to identify the restaurants nearby. Most seem to be fast food places. The only one that I recognized and know for certain is good is Parkside Restaurant, 10701 Corona Ave just 1/4 mile from Zoo. At 10718 Corona Ave is Panda Garden which I'm not familiar with.

    1. Parkside is okay, or Corona Pizza diagonal from it is pretty decent as well.

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        mama's sandwich shop, parkside empanadas, lemon ice king etc. look under corona in the search.

      2. If you go one block west from the park to 108th St. (there are some missing numbers in the Queens street grid here, so 111th St. is a block from 108th St.) there is a business strip with a number of places to eat, mostly Italian and Latin American. This is Corona, and all of the suggestions above are good. It's not the season right now, but at the main corner here is the famous Lemon Ice King of Corona. Corona Pizza across the street is a comfortable, warm place to sit with decent food. Parkside just to the north of the little park here (known locally as "spaghetti park") is a well-known and somewhat upscale old-school Italian-American place. My favorite place in this neighborhood is Leo's Latticini, aka Moma's, which is a little Italian sandwich place another block over on 104th St., and a couple of blocks to the north. Don't worry that they only have a single table in the place, you can sit in the related bakery next door - and enjoy some baked goods for dessert. They're some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet here, but they're open only until the late afternoon most days, very early afternoon on Sunday, and closed on Monday.

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          Hi Al. I'm not sure where the original poster is dining but I'm planning to visit Parkside for Lunch after the Zoo. I just looked online at Parkside Lunch Menu and it's very reasonable (pasta $10, salad $5, soup $4, cold antipasto $4.50). I don't need an expensive entree for lunch like veal or steak.

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            their eggplant parm is excellent there.

        2. Empanadas del parque is fun and delicious and very close to the hall of science. Their website is They have a couple of small tables, so you can eat inside. It's my favorite bring-to-the-mets-game food. I guess the small farmers market which is in front of the hall of science on sundays is probably closed now.

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            I don't know whether Green Fields Churrascaria (108-01 Northern Blvd.) is within walking distance, but it is one of those fun Brazilian places where they bring all different kinds of meats by your table. The salad bar and other side dishes are not great, but many of the meats were quite tasty, especially the various types of beef and the sausage. Also, since I'm assuming you are going to the zoo with kids, I want to say that my kids love that place!

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              I'll second the Empanadas Del Parque recommendation. 28 different types of empanadas for $1.25 - $1.75 each. If you're going with kids, it's a good excuse to try all the dessert empanadas.
              Green Fields is fine if you're starved, but probably just a bit beyond the 15-20 minute walking limit. Also, fyi -- it's about $25 for the churrascaria.

          2. Thanks so much for all the recommendations. We had to postpone our zoo visit for a week or so, so we haven't gone yet, but I'm saving all the names and I really appreciate it!