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Dec 6, 2007 12:12 PM

Need Recomendations....

Hello all. I'm new here.

I'm taking my wife out for her birthday and I'm looking for some Baltimore area recomendations. I'd like to stay at or under $100 for the both of us. A cozy private atmosphere is important. I was thinking the Milton Inn? I want to try a new place. We've been to the Brass Elephant, Brewers Art, Petite Louis, The Helmand among others.

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  1. If you want to stay at that figure, I would not recommend the Milton Inn. Are you interested in something more casual? How about ethnic food? If you are into sushi, there is a private dining area on the second floor of Chiyo Sushi in Mt. Washington. Quite cool, and very affordable.

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      Well, I was hoping to, but the more I look the more difficult it may be. $150 would be the max.

    2. How about 'b' in Bolton Hill?

      1. I just celebrated my birthday last week at Chameleon Cafe. The food is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable for the quality. It has a homey kind of feel; the building is an old rowhouse and the owners live upstairs. The two-top tables are around the perimeter of the room, so there's somewhat of a private feeling.

        You can easily eat well for around $100; the rest depends on what you oder to drink!

        1. So we ended up at the Milton Inn. I wasn't entirely impressed. The atmosphere was nice enough. My steak was great, however, my wife's tuna was not very good at all. Expected more for the price.