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My Thai Baltimore - recommendations?

Has anyone been to 'My Thai' in Mount Vernon? - housed in the space that previously held Minato's. I'm curious as to any specialty dishes on their menu that are not found elsewhere (and it goes without saying, that are terrific), recommendations of things that are a MUST get or to avoid? What about price point, atmoshpere, etc..

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  1. It's pretty tasty (although overall I like Thai Arroy in Federal Hill better). It's fairly casual and relaxed, but pretty. I would strongly suggest the won ton soup-- not really Thai by any stretch of the imagination, but spicy/gingery/all around wonderful, especially on a cold night. It's worth going just for that.

    1. We went with family two weeks ago. The prices were fine but the food was pretty disappointing. I couldn't eat my tom yum soup, a fairly basic Thai standard, and the pad thai was mediocre. Appetizers were okay. Atmosphere and service are nothing to write home about either. I wouldn't recommend it.

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        I was there Wednesday night, and my friend and I really enjoyed the food. He's vegetarian, and since we like to share I stuck with the veg menu. The green papaya salad was excellent---a good interplay of spicy, salty and tangy, and I liked the addition of raw green beans. The summer rolls were pretty standard, but good.

        We ordered three entrees, which were bargain-priced at $9 each. There was a tofu in red curry with kaffir lime leaves that was outstanding. We really enjoyed the pad thai. The third item was vegetables stirfried with garlic and holy basil. There was a nice variety of snow peas, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, baby corn, mushrooms, peppers, beans cooked al dente, but the garlic sauce was a little raw/harsh.

        The service left something to be desired. I think some of it is due to a language barrier. We ordered a bottle of wine, and the glasses were chilled by being plunged into the ice bucket, so they were wet when she put them down! She missed our third entree, but it was quickly rushed out once we asked. We also had to keep asking for new silverware, and serving spoons.

        Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable meal at a bargain price. The check was $66 for two apps, three entrees, and a bottle of wine.

      2. I went there a few weeks ago and liked it. My wife's curry was good, except it could have used a few more veggies. I got a beef dish with basil and chilis and it was hot but not insanely so. Prices are reasonable, service was OK and atmosphere was casual and fine for Thai. I would go here over the overpriced Thai Landing any day.

        1. I went with a big group and got to try a bunch of stuff, all of it pretty good, but definitely the big hit of the night was the crispy green beans appetizer. Really good in an unexpected way. The mango with sticky rice dessert was pretty delicious too.

          1. I thought I would post my meal report. Overall I'm glad that I read these reviews after the fact bc i probably would have vetoed based on the below. The food was pretty good, perhaps a touch spicier but then, I like it hot. We went on Thursday night right after the monument lighting and were lucky enough to be seated just before the que formed at the door - infact we got the last table in the bar.
            I had eaten here on several occasions before in it's hey day as Minato both when the Vietnamese menu was very prevalent and towards the end when i felt it was less so. Previous visits were ok but i never felt very comfortable in the space (I was always seated in the room to the right of the bar on the charles street side), i thought the space always felt cold and disjointed. So the first thing I noticed was the warmth of the space, the vibe was a lot more inviting.
            Service was harried but our waitress did have a full section and I have a feeling that being a new restaurant they were surprised by the monument lighting turnout and impact and weren't quite prepared staff wise for it.
            We ordered Dogfish IPA's to start and vegetarian summer rolls. Pretty good, nice and fresh and thick with vegies and not just extra noodles. The sauce was good, the peanut sauce had a touch of chili mixed in, so the heat was good.
            I have been craving satay and ordered the beef, unfortuantley it came out as chicken, which I returned for the beef. It was ok, lacked the flavour of beef satay (you should be able to taste the coals and beef satay is the one time i want my beef cooked through). The peanut sauce was fine but the vinegary sauce was just ok. My complaint being that satay is traditionally served with wedges of cucumber, rice cake and red onion, as well as peanut sauce. Here (and many other local Thai places) tend to make a vinegary sauce and just add to that chunks of cucumber and red onion.
            On the recommendation of Imgould I ordered the won ton soup and was glad that i did. It had a nice, clean, gingery taste to it. With four plump shrimp/pork dumplings, baby bok choy, cucumber and baby corn it was by far a standout amongst the selection. BF had the seaweed salad which was fresh tasting but a meager portion for the price ($4.85). We followed up with a green chicken curry which had lots of vegies and plenty of chicken. Flavour was good, enough kick for BF but I would have preferred a thicker curry sauce - it just seemed a little watery to me. We rounded out the meal with mango and sticky rice which was just perfect, not too sweet and the rice was just the right al dente.

            All in all, a really great meal and i would most definitely go back for seconds.

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              I'm glad you liked the soup! I've been craving it. Nigella Lawson has a recipe she calls Noodle Soup for Needy People (on the Food Network website) that comes fairly close. I would add a bit of Sriracha to it, and perhaps some homemade dumplings, but it's a good way to have something similar at home.

            2. I live a few block away from My Thai, and was very excited to have a new Thai place open up in the area. I went there about a month or two after it opened, and I was really disappointed.

              I got the tom kha gai soup, which I usually love at most places. I liked the amount of lime and coconut flavor in the soup, but the chicken in the soup was very overcooked. I also got the green curry chicken, which is another one of my thai favorites. The chicken was also very tough and overcooked, and the eggplants were practically raw. Also, I'm not sure what is traditionally Thai, but most green curries I've had are coconut milk based, and this one had no coconut milk, but just a thick layer of oil on the top. I also love spicy food, so I asked for them to make it spicy, and I found it to be very bland.

              On a more positive note, my boyfriend got the chicken hot pot, and he loved it. Also, I didn't try the sushi, but it looked delicious and fresh.

              So, despite My Thai's proximity, I don't think I'll be going back. Thai Arroy is the best I've found in this city.

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                Generally, I would say most places are in the learning curve for the first 6months of operation, so I tend to stay away or if i do go early prep myself with the knowledge that in a few more months the krinks will be worked out and things will be stellar - at least, that's my thought.
                The green curry wasn't very oily and was most def made w/ coconut milk, albeit a bit watered down. The vegies in the curry were cooked to aldente, not mushy and certainly not under cooked.

                Maybe give them another go in a few months? But i thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

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                  Hopefully it's gotten better in the past few months since I've been there. I had really high hopes for it. I prefer my vegetables crisp and not mushy, but they were just not cooked to my liking on my visit. But I do agree with you- they are still in the learning stages, and hopefully are showing signs of improvement already. It is very reasonably priced, so maybe I will give it another shot sometime soon.

              2. Really good. Service was good, drinks are stiff, panang curry is spicy and yummy. Drunken noodles were really reallyl good. peanut sauce was really nice and overall a great place. Really enjoyed it and will go back.

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                  I loved My Thai and have been back a few times. I highly recommend the BBQ Thai Chicken. It was a fantastic meal. Come hungry!