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Dec 6, 2007 11:53 AM

girlie night out.. starting on pearl st, denver

Just moved to Littleton a few months ago... have small child (i.e. don't get out much)... BFF (best friend/best foodie friend) coming to visit... am thinking this is a good excuse to go check out the village cork (leaving small child with dad, of course).

after will need place to eat (more) and possibly sober up a bit... so would prefer resto within walking distance of TVC.

Could go for sushi a la Sushi Den... but am wondering if there is something else as an option. Any type of food is good... just so long as the resto is friendly towards sightly drunk, old friends chatting in to the night.

thanks in advance,

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  1. Meeeegan (I think that's how you pronounce it)... another block down from Sushi Den (which I too love but sometimes hate the crowd) is Black Pearl and whereas I've never been have heard is pretty Fab.

    Your post led me to investigate Village Cork, which I've seen quite a few times but never stopped at. Their website shows a menu of wines but I'm confused. Are those prices per glass / per bottle?? If so.. those prices are outrageous! That bottle of Santa Christina (from Antinori) is $7 at Davidson's Liquor store and 20-25 in fancy restaurants. Am I confused?

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      E bone, you're not confused...the prices are pretty high (I think you & I had this conversation a couple months back about what seem to me disproportionate wine prices in this town). It's an adorable place, the food is decent, the menu is far too limited.
      Black Pearl is generally excellent. Highly recommend the chili-dusted calamari, the shishito peppers, the tuna with lentils and sausage. But again, the wine prices are out of proportion to the food prices.
      Izakaya Den is also excellent, though getting equally crowded.