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Dec 6, 2007 11:39 AM

Thoughts on bonsoiree?

I am thinking about dining there for NYE. Haw anyone been that can tell me about the ambience...looking for either lively or romantic...also want fabulous food...anyone?

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  1. Mr. Chicgail and I ate there only once, but but we really enjoyed it. I wouldn't call it "lively," but romantic fits. It's small, intimate and the food is excellent. Be aware, however, we were a deuce and got seated with another couple we didn't know.

    It did make for an interesting evening and an opportunity to meet new people.It's a terrific deal for the money. You pay for really good, creative food and bring the wine in on your own.

    1. We're also thinking about doing that :) We've been before and enjoyed it. It's not really romantic, not really lively - kind of in between.

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        Thanks...going tomorrow night to check it out as a preview, as the menu sounds great--anyone want to join my husband and I for the 8:30pm seating? they have some room left....braised short ribs sound perfect for this type of weather!

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          My lady and I went to Bonsoiree last Sunday for a 5-course dinner and it was a great experience. We brought a couple of bottles of wine, and the server was very attentive to the wine needs (well worth the $5 total corkage fee for 2 bottles). We started with an amuse bouche of duck confit wontons in a ponzu sauce. They were pretty solid. The ponzu and duck actually paired nicely and the wontons themselves were well-made.

          For the first course we had a spicy tuna tartare with wasabi and maguro, served with a sesame chip. I thought the tuna was a bit underseasoned and not nearly as spicy as it's "spicy" designation. However, it was not unpleasant, and had really clean flavors.

          Next we had a braised crispy pork belly with fig polenta with a fig ale sauce and haricot vert. This was the best pork belly I've ever had. It was like well-made bbq wrapped in a crispy crust. The fig polenta was a great creamy complement. This is not to be missed. Repeat, Pork Belly is a must!

          The next course was a seared scallop with butternut squash ravioli. The scallop was prepared beautifully. A really nice sear and meaty rare interior. However, the dish seemed a bit disjointed, and the ravioli was a bit doughy. It was not bad, just a somewhat of a letdown after the pork belly.

          For the 4th course we had a crispy sea bass with potatoes dauphinoise. This was a really well-put together dish. The sea bass was absolutely delicious, as were the potatoes, and they paired really nicely actually. One of the best dishes I've had in a long time (outside of the pork belly).

          For dessert we had a great banana bread pudding. It was moist and not too sweet. It was a well-made bread pudding. We supplemented cheese as well for an additional cost, and the selections were really good. All in all, it was a great meal (under $100 before tip!). The setting is intimate and I think translates into romantic, if slightly loud. We really enjoyed it and will return undoubtedly very soon. Enjoy your meal!