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Dec 6, 2007 11:17 AM

Measure vs Weigh

I need 1lb of chocolate chips. I have no way of weighing. Can I substitute 16oz in my measuring cup. If not, any suggestions how to weigh with no scale?

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  1. Chocolate chips do not settle or compact, so yes you can measure this by volume.

    What are you using these chips for?

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      Icebox Chocolate Pie

      1# Choc Chips
      1 8oz whip topping
      Can add some vanilla to your taste.

      Melt chips, cool, blend with topping. Put in baked pie shell. Top with chopped, toasted pecans. Chill

      1. re: randyjl

        For something like that, I wouldn't be too worried about exact measurements. Err on the side of too much, if you need.

    2. I wouldn't count on 2 cups of chips weighing 16 oz. They don't pack tightly. But after melting they probably are closer to 2 cups.

      Chips are often sold in lb bags. If that is form you have, just use a whole bag. If instead you bought the chips in bulk and don't recall the weight, you could try to roughly balance the chips against two containers of your whipped topping. But for a dish like this, I suspect the proportions are not critical.



        "6 ounces of chocolate chips equal 1 cup = chocolate bars chopped into chunks...."


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        1. re: violabratsche

          One of the best investments I ever made was a good scale for the kitchen. I am going to switch over to measuring flour by weight. I know that space and cost are problems, but a scale really can make life easier and measuring much more accurate.

          1. re: dutchdot

            Too true. I was forced to switch to weight when I moved to the UK, and now I really prefer it. It is SO much easier. You just put the bowl on the scale, zero it out, and you're off. You use fewer measuring implements and extra bowls.

            Also, space and cost aren't really problems. I just saw that the scale I have (a very basic Salter electronic) is $30 on Amazon, and it's small enough that you can store it easily, either flat or on its side. Contrary to some opinion, you don't need an expensive, fancy one. Just one that will give measures in both metric and imperial.

            1. re: dutchdot

              I've gone over to weighing ingredients for baking. It avoids that sinking feeling when you realize that you're not sure if that was the 11th or the 12th cup of flour you just scooped...

              And portioning dough for cookies is much easier by weight. I do a lot of mass baking of slice and bake cookies; I do my portion control by rolling a given weight of dough to a certain length, then freezing and slicing; that way I can predict that I'll get 2 dozen cookies per roll, for instance. And making molded springerles is much easier when I weigh out the same amount of dough for a particular mold; the cookies are then the same thickness and bake evenly.