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Dec 6, 2007 10:25 AM

Portland Restaurant help needed for xmas g.c.

Hi. My father and his girlfriend live in Portland and I live across the country in Boston. I want to get them a gift certificate to a yummy restaurant in Portland. I'm thinking $100. My Dad doesn't drink but his gf does (i.e. no bottles of wine or $100 should go relatively far). I was looking for something nice, not necessarily fine dining, but if it is that's no problem. It's gotta be good...we are originally from New Orleans and know good food from crappy food. Maybe seafood?


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  1. Wildwood
    Le Pigeon
    Paleys Place
    Cafe Castagna

    All would be most welcome if I received such a gift on Xmas!

    1. Lagniappe
      Phone: (503) 249-7675 ...a cajunish place...kick ass po boys

      Toro Bravo....spanish tapas style
      Kens Artisan Pizza
      Clyde Common
      the other suggestions are pretty good ones too..& I believe the other ones take reservations...not the ones I suggested though

      1. Paley's Place or Serrato's..or Cafe Mingo. Visit