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Dec 6, 2007 10:17 AM

Best restaurants in lower Fairfield County-Money no object

I have a few special occasions coming up and need some great restaurants in the area. I can never seem to find anything I like(I think I'm spoiled by NYC). I usually wind up trecking into the city.

Some restaurants I've tried but various reasons didn't like include:Thomas Henkelman, Rebeccas, John Louis, Vallbella, Elm Street Oyster House, Telluride, Ocean 211. Just to list a few!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. DA PIETRO'S in Westport gets my vote.

      1. re: tgseaver

        Great idea! I forgot about them. A couple more if anyone has suggestions.

    2. Stevel - Not in FC, but close enough....have you been to Blue Hill yet?

      My other suggestion would be (again if money is no object) - take your Sweetie up to the Copper Beech Inn for a night in Essex.

      1. Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton. Paci in Southport.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. Da Pietros & Blue Hill are great suggestions!!

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          1. re: stevel

            You didn't mention the various reasons why you didn't like many of the highest rated restaurants in Ffld Cty, so I'll bet that you won't care for these two suggestions either.

            1. re: stevel

              The Schoolhouse is a great suggestion as well. One of my faves.

              1. re: amanda3571

                Polpo, in Greenwich.

                I'd be interested in reading why you didn't like the aforementioned restaurants.

                1. re: dolores

                  I didn't want to bore everybody with my problems with the restaurants I listed but i"ll give some details
                  Thomas Henkelman-I think it's the most over rated restaurant in Ct. and maybe the most over rated I've ever eaten in. I've eaten there twice 1st 10 years ago and again this summer when I decided to give it a 2nd chance. First when I called I asked if they could email or send me a copy of their wine list. They refused. I went in person to look it over and they gave me a huge attitude. When I ordered I asked for 15:00 to 20:00 between courses. My waiter said that would be no trouble. As soon as my apps. were cleared they brought the main course. I explained my problem nicely and the waiter told me they would keep the plates "hot" until we were ready. I explained for the prices I didn't want my meal sitting under a heat lamp but a new dish. When they brought it back, it was the same dish! The head waiter apologised and explained the owner was cooking and wouldn't give a new dish. The food wasn't that great
                  Rebeccas-I love the food but find it WAY overpriced and lacking in decor for what it charges.
                  John Louis- I've never been that impressed with the food.
                  Vallbella-Good food not great and also overpriced.
                  Elm Street Oyster-It really hurts not to eat there anymore. I think the food is great. They rush you in and out and are nasty. I went with friends and had a very expensive dinner with wines and they almost pushed us out of the restaurant to make room for the next seating. We were there under 75:00 at the time. When I complained the owner came over and got nasty and told me it was a small restaurant and they had to turn over the tables fast.
                  Thats a few reasons.

                  1. re: stevel

                    All that mentioned....I have a feeling you'll really enjoy Blue Hill. Do the farmers feast and enjoy. (and dedicate 3-4 hours)

            2. if you're looking for the "best of the best"........then there's no question.........go to blue hill......and i agree with you about all those places you had issues with.......i'm willing to pay those "rebecca type prices" but my experience must be flawless from the time i am greeted.......utnil the time when they drop the check........

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              1. re: southlake

                Thanks. Considering were so close to NYC, I just wish we could get the same restaurant experience.
                I will definitely make reservations at Blue Hill.
                I love Da Pietros. My wife has issues because of the closeness of the tables.

                1. re: stevel

                  Thanks, stevel, for sharing. I can commiserate on the 'rushing' of courses, that's one of my deal breakers.

                  Have you been to Polpo?

                  1. re: dolores

                    Haven't tried Polpo yet. Any place good for New Years Eve in the area?