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Dec 6, 2007 10:04 AM

Dining out in Rochester MI

Dining out suggestions welcome, we will be coming down to see the xmas lights soon and would like to eat somewhere that’s nice and not to expensive but at the same time a bit more than the usual lot

Regards D/B

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  1. i've always liked 4th street grille - above average food, quite intimate setting in an old post office building with dark mahogany walls. europa bistro is another place that has good french/italian cuisine although im not crazy about the french country setting. then there's always kruse & muer's and rochester chop house. either one is a good choice.

    1. Last year when we went to look at the lights we went to the bar at the Royal Park Hotel. It's a beautiful hotel built like a older Eurpoean hotel. Anyway, you can eat in the bar and use the bar or dining room menu. They also had a nice little band playing, it was really nice before heading out in the cold to see the lights.
      Also, Cabin Kruser's on Main has good food, but you're not sitting in the more expensive Rochester Chop House which is in the back.
      While I know that a lot of people like Europa Bistro, I have been there four times (our friends like it) and I still have not been bowled over by it.
      Enjoy the lights! This year more stores have agreed to remain open later for some shopping too.

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        Hmm. While I admittedly haven't been to Europa Bistro since they moved into their "new digs," I enjoyed it a good bit while they were on Auburn Rd. That's not to say that it's high-end, if you go there with that mindset, you *will* be disappointed. However, what they do, they do quite well, and at a very reasonable price for the fare presented.

        I should probably try to get over to their (now not so) new location and try them again. Getting up to Rochester can be a pain, though.

        1. re: boagman

          take livernois up to walton and turn right. about a mile and a half to main street. turn right to get to europa - misses all of the rochester road traffic.

          1. re: xman887

            Actually, I think you might need to turn left on Main St and not right.

            1. re: grouper

              my bad. turn left on main and left again into the parking lot.

      2. The lights are exquisite and it's fun taking a walk up and down Rochester Road people watching. I would recommend Andiamo for good basic Italian. I would also try to get a window seat. Therefore, you can have a good meal, people and holiday light watch all at the same time. You might have to park a couple of blocks away - but the walk is worthwhile!