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Dec 6, 2007 10:02 AM

Dishes that wowed you

What dishes in the city socked you in the head (in a good way) when you first tried them (and/or even now)? I know we all have favorites that are subtle, comforting, relaxed. But what isn't that way? What is almost traumatically decadent, or bold and blazing, or explodes with flavor?

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  1. There is foie gras soup dumplings and a miso sea bass at Annisa that I dream about. Frequently. Damn, now I'm hungry again.

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    1. re: gastrodoc

      Second both of these, especially the miso sea bass. Tofu, flaking white fish, and the best broth (dashi) that I've ever tasted. A dish with real depth, and it's really memorable.

    2. There is rarely a day that goes by without me dreaming about the soups from the original soup nazi. The seafood bisque was amazing. The new place is terrible though. It is like peter luger starting to sell McDonalds hamburgers.

      1. The Manchurian cauliflower at Devi is a deceptively simple but absolutely mind-blowing experience. I cannot express how creamy, garlicky and delicious they were. I feel similarly (although slightly less ecstatic) about the Philadelphia Truffle at Alta, the French onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social, spaetzle at Alto and, to drink, the Moment's Notice or Bergamotini at Angel's Share.

        1. The coconut samosa at Banjara; potato pide at Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine; (I don't care what anyone says about this next one) vanilla cupcakes with pastel buttercream frosting from Magnolia, SSS, Billy's or Buttercup; chocolate tart with sea salt from Eleven Madison Park; French Toast with Caramalized Bananas at The Smith; milk chocolate & chocolate chip gelato at Otto; Dal makhani at Bukhara Grill; ricotta fritters at Morandi

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            Foie Gras Torchon with Venezuelan Cocoa and Quince Gelée accompanied by toasted brioche and foie gras brulee at Eleven Madison Park.

            1. re: bgut1

              i liked that too but the portion size was miniscule.

              1. re: dkstar1

                I agree drkstar. All the portions at EMP, except for the glazed duck, were smaller than I had expected having seen all the pictures on line. That being said the fact the dish came with all three items made it satisfying for me.

              2. re: bgut1

                second the foie gras at Eleven Madison Park...

              3. re: LeahBaila

                Ahh, good to hear someone else likes Magnolias too. I went before I knew about the hype ansd have even made baked goods from their cookbook. Love the banana pudding. I find the cakes can be a bit dry, but have never been disappointed with the cupcakes. I'll never go though on a weekend as I just don't have the patience for the tourists.

              4. Per Se - Peas and Carrots.
                My lord.