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Dec 6, 2007 09:52 AM

Providence Wintertime Farmer's Market

I saw something in the paper about an indoor farmer's market at AS220 in Providence. I loved the summer markets but I'm curious about what they have in the winter.

Has anyone been to it yet? What kind of stuff do they have there?

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  1. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I haven't been, but found this link from the AS220 site:

    The have Narragansett Creamery cheese, which is fun. I just read about it in a newsletter from Farmstead/La Laiterie, so I'm excited to see this new cheese already getting some local play.

    1. I'm planning my first trip there this Saturday and I can't wait. I'm eager to see what they have in the way of meat.

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        me too, i'll be trying this out on saturday as well. very exciting.

      2. I was there last week and was really surprised at all they had there. I picked up salad greens, apples, carrots, and beets. The Narragansett Creamery Cheese was amazing. I am definitely going to pick some up next week. Friends of mine bought littlenecks, which they cooked up later that evening and were delicious!

        So thumbs up for this market. I'll definitely be back.

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          I'm so glad jesabuka posted about this, as I was headed down to the RISD Alumni show at the convention center today anyway, and it made for a great and tasty detour. I picked up some New Harvest coffee ($10/lb, Cafe Marika blend), some great dark chocolate fudge from the candy lady ($7.50 for a 3/4 lb slab), and some locally made blueberry preserves ($6.50). The same woman had some great, exotic chutneys (liked the peach/ginger and the hot pepper). Also got some fresh corn tortilla, which they assured me they bought warm in the morning from the tortilleria on Atwells Ave. ($2 for a big bag). The line for Narraganset Creamery was too long, will try them next time. There were a couple of good-looking root vegetable sellers, and salad greens. I really wanted to pick up some of the organic local eggs, but I didn't feel like carrying them that long. I'll be back.

        2. It's not a huge market but has a great selection - I wrote up my trip here:
          I will definitely be going back!

          1. I went Saturday as well, and was quite happy with both the selection and the quality. It was very small and cramped, which made it difficult to get around and really get a good look at everything. I brought my six year old with me, and he picked out some apples. I got some queso blanco from Narragansett Creamery, which is just sublime, and some lovely eggs from Simmons Farm. These eggs are truly unlike any I've ever had. The yolk is so orange and stands so high in the pan. I was so excited I cooked some up as soon as I got home, and was not dissapointed. (Which is a good thing since I paid $5 a dozen for them)

            I also picked up some ground beef from Simmons, and will be trying that tonight. I was hoping they'd have some chickens, but they did not. Hopefully sometime soon.

            With as crowded as it was, I still find it so odd and dissapointing that Providence does not have it's own permanent indoor farmers market. I really think there are enough people here to support it. I lived in Nasvhille for a while, and theirs is fantastic. And of course nothing can compare to the indoor market in Portland, ME. I really hope that this is on our horizon.

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              I certainly agree with you dagwood, though I'm sorry to report that the indoor market in Portland has closed. I live in between Providence and Boston, and I can't believe that neither has an indoor market.