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Dec 6, 2007 09:38 AM

ACKC Cocoa Bar

Has anyone been? Thoughts? From the outside looking in, it's not as crowded as Marvin's, that's for sure.

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  1. I called this morning again. They said they had one final inspection today and would open once it was passed. They hope to open mid to late afternoon, and stay open until ten pm. I'm hoping to get up there today.

    Cocinero Cubano

    1. I stopped by last night. They are in business. They carry all the Kingsbury truffles and a selection of baked goods (I believe from Buzz). They serve at least 6 different kinds of hot chocolate and a fantastic chocolate fondue. They also have various chocolate novelty products.

      1. Stopped by on Saturday afternoon around 1. It wasn't super busy when I first got there but business picked up VERY quickly. Very pretty vibrant store.

        I tried both the chipotle hot chocolate and the lavender. I HIGHLY suggest the chipotle for a unique twist.

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          I love that drink too - It's called the Lucy. Highly addictive!

        2. I work down the block and now that it's opened it's my place to go for mid-afternoon coffee. They sereve Lavazza; it's not Illy, but still fantastic and no doubt a damn sight better than Starbucks, Cosi, etc.

          The proprietors are swell and friendly. The short story is that both of them own separate chocolate-centric businesses in Alexandria: Artfully Chocolate and Kingsbury Confections (hence, ACKC). I've chatted with Eric Roberts of Artfully Chocolate a lot and he's a very nice fellow. Another staff member, DeLando, is also great to talk with.

          The store is a chocolate-shop-cum-coffee-house-cum-pastry-store. The coffee quality I've already mentioned. The hot chocolate is just as good. They use their own real chocolate for their concoctions of which there are several.

          The pastries are from Buzz, the coffee/pastry place in Alexandria that is associated with Rustico (of the same owners of Evening Star, Tallulah, and Vermillion).

          The prepared goodies they offer include Vosges brand and Michel Cluizel brand chocolates, and again their own house brand made by Kingsbury Confections.

          I strongly recommend that any locals or those who work close to it pay a visit and do so frequently. It's a great place and it'd be a damn shame if it didn't stick around.

          Cocinero Cubano