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Dec 6, 2007 08:58 AM

Urfa or Aleppo [New Haven]

Yesterday's NY Times ( was the second or third time in recent memory that a recipe I liked has called for either Urfa or Aleppo peppers. I know that I could order them online from, say Kalyustan's or Formaggio Kitchen, but I would much rather find somewhere local and go get them myself. There are some Turkish restaurants in the area -- where do they get things like this? Limon on State Street in Hamden has some Turkish products, but I have not seen either of these items the few times I've been. (Though it's been a little while since I was at Limon.)

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  1. I get aleppo at Penzy's in Norwalk. Not exactly local, but a great place to stock up on hard to find spices.

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      Thanks for the reply. One of these day's I'll head down to Penzy's, though who knows when. For now, I may try M&M Farms in Milford. Their sign has a note that they carry Turkish products. Calling them was fruitless, but it's close enough that I'll just go one day when I'm at Trader Joe's.

    2. There's a Penzy's in the marketplace section of Grand Central--that's where I get my spices. Note to entrepreneurs out there: New Haven needs a spice/tea/kitchenware shop!

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        [weeks later]
        @newhavener07 -- I ended up asking a friend who was commuting to NYC for a while to pick the Aleppo up at GCT, and she did. No urfa, but I'm still looking.

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          Glad to hear it. BTW, I did recently find a good selection of quite affordable spices at an Indian market in West Haven--there's an Arab market around the corner with what looked like nice fresh sumac and other hard-to-find spices. Markets in plaza at 315 York St.

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            I think you are speaking of Indian Asian Groceries ( I just turned it up the other day, but am anxious to go. Sumac, you say? Mighty fine, mighty fine.

            Indian & Asian Groceries
            315 York St # 2, West Haven, CT

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              I had ordered four samosa's to go (cost $4) and at the time of payment I realized at that I had run out of cash. I told this woman at snacks counter that I have run out of cash asked if I could pay by credit card at the main counter (they don't accept card at snacks counter but they do at the main counter). To my disbelief, the woman got angry and asked me tauntingly "You don't have even 4 dollars? I will allow you to pay by credit card this time but not in future"!!! I was a regular customer of this store, used do most of my Indian grocery shopping from them until today. They have definitely lost at least me as a customer. I would not recommend any of my friends to shop with them.