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Dec 6, 2007 08:48 AM

Romantic Restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley

I'm currently working on a project that requires me to come up with a list of romantic restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley (Newhall, Saugus, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch...). So far, I've come up with a very slim list. Anyone have a suggestion? Cuisine and price are wide open.


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  1. Only places that comes to mind is Le Chen in Aqua Dulce. Very romantic with good food and great wine list. Only a 15 minute drive on Sierra Hwy from Downtown Santa Clarita.

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    1. re: Joe

      I've got that one on our list. Thanks for reconfirming that it does belong there.

    2. I loathe Le Chen. Far from romantic, kinda like coffee shop with attitude. How about Maru Sushi, far more than sushi, Salt Creek, Vines at the Hyatt. These are great places that are romantic, have good food and service and fairly easy to get too. Who wants to drive to the middle of no where for medicore food and Westside attitude?

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      1. re: marblezephyr

        I second the stay away from Le Chene...very overrated. Crap food at tremendous prices. Santa Clarita is very slim though in picking a place mostly chain restaurants. only 2 or 3 non chain. Sad I know.

      2. NO!!! The only really great (compared to the rest of the local crap) food place with some ambiance was Cafe Melisse and the chain loving residents of that area did not support it(RIP). The locals line up like sheep and wait outside at the Elephant Bar and some of the other corporate operations though.

        As far as Le Chene goes, it was good in the late 80's but I haven't been back recently.

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          I LOVED Cafe Melisse. It still ticks me off that its gone!

          I can't think of anywhere else to add

        2. I guess 'romantic' is relative but I tend to think of a dimly lit room , small and cozy with booths so you concentrate on each other and sexy music playing in the background. La Rumba on Bouquet Cyn in Saugus fits this bill. The restaurant is 'latin mix' featuring Cuban, Peruvian, and Mexican food. It is not a trendy or expensive place. It is just nice and tasty food served in a quiet and pleasant (and to some- maybe romantic) setting.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. This is a tough one!