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Dec 6, 2007 08:14 AM

Wikstrom's Swedish Deli???

Will the new store be open in time to buy our Christmas goodies??

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  1. Yes, this hurts me deeply too. And many others too I am sure. We've lost quite a few gems in that neighborhood over the years. Arya Foods for instance-with its rich array of unusual things-from Iranian saffron to rosewater and saffron-flavored ice cream.

    So this is more of a reason for you to visit Erikson's. To help make sure that it remains a part of the fabric of this vibrant neighborhood for a long long time. Erikson's has always been more forbidding a store to enter or to visit, but it carries just as many gems as Wikstrom's. And the owners are no less friendly once you get to know them.

    On Arya Foods, from an old old post of mine:
    I was at Arya Foods (5061 N. Clark, e side of street, 2 blocks s of Foster) a couple of days ago. This Iranian grocery is owned by a wonderful grandfatherly/ grandmotherly Iranian-Assyrian couple, Mr and Mrs Babayan. I spoke to them at length about who's who on N. Clark, which restaurant owners in Andersonville are Assyrians/who are not, the life Assyrians live in Iran, what kind of relations Iranian-Assyrians have with Iraqi-Assyrians here in Chicago etc.

    (Incidentally, there's a new Persian grocery that opened right next to Argo Georgian on Devon. And a new Persian is going into Norka's old Cafe Salamera space!)

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      Don't bother with Ericksons. Went there today as a favor to a friend. Not only was she 25 minutes late opening, she was unapologetic for it. They did not have a full 50% of the items I went in for (and I only went in for 4 different items) and if you can believe it... No Herring! The only herring was the kind you can buy at any grocery store. I understand that Wikstroms has a website when you can order online. That is the way I will be going in the future.