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Dec 6, 2007 07:58 AM

Late night in Bham?

Is there anything in Birmingham besides the Purple Onion and a few fast-food places that are open 24 hours or really late night?

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  1. It depends on your definition of really late (and probably your age, for that matter :)
    Cosmos Pizza in 5 Points is open until midnight, as is 26. Both of the Summit Taverns are open until about 11pm. Martini's in Hoover is open until about 2am. The Wine Loft downtown is open until about 2 am (can't vouch for the quality here though - haven't made it yet). If you want really, really late, there's always Waffle House/Om Shoppe.

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      1. Marty's serves food very late at night. Obviously, its a bar and not a restaurant, but the sandwiches are great.

        1. Wine Loft has great late night dining. Steel (also downtown) serves pizza and quesadillas until 2am, also.

          1. I take it there are no diners here?

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              Unfortunately, no. I wish we had a good, old-fashioned diner that served staples like meatloaf, chicken & waffles, baked ham, salsbury steak, etc. 24/7. Of course, it would have to have booth seating as well as counter seating and have lots of chrome. 15 or 20 years ago, we had a Woolworth's in 5 Pts. South that had a diner-like lunch counter that was a throw back to 40's. Great grilled cheese and club sandwiches!!!! But alas, progress takes its toll and is now no more. But seriously, if someone opened a retro diner off of one of the myriad of interstates we have running through this city, I think they'd make a fortune.