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How to Cook a Wolf?

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Has anyone been? I noticed they opened quietly over the weekend. This is the new Ethan Stowell / Patric Gabre-Kidan (Dahlia Lounge) place on the top of Queen Anne. It is a REALLY small cute place (looking in the window). I hear Ethan's dad Kent (of PNW Ballet fame) is involved in his son's latest endeavor (managing or running front of house or something).

I think I'll try it over the weekend, but I'd love to hear the initial reports if anyone has been in already.

What about Txori? Anyone been there?


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  1. I went tonight with my 10yo daughter and we had a superb meal of ahi crudo, scallops with sunchoke puree, chickpea salad, and pappardelle with rabbit bolognese. All hits. And I was dying to try several other things. Very cozy atmosphere and great service as well. Only drawback is the very limited dessert menu (which we easily solved by walking around the corner to Opal).

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      Thanks, I think I will try to get there tonight. Um, guess I ought to check to see if they are open on Mondays :)

    2. Lunched at Txori today. Tasty, but a little less so than its parent Harvest Vine. Also, dishes were tiny--on the order of 25-30% as large as HV. I think if I had been alone, I could have filled up on a single order of the dishes that interested me, but being there with a friend we had to repeat a few of our favorite dishes to get enough food.

      Chocolate mousse dessert was vanilla pudding with chocolate shavings. I loved it.

      Service was earnest and pleasant.

      1. We went on Saturday and thought it was fabulous. The decor is really interesting, with wood curved from the wall to the ceiling. The tables are cork. The menu was about 2/3 appetizers, and then about 6 entrees, 4 of which were pasta. We had a wonderful squid salad, and the other apps we had were also excellent--potato with duck fried egg, ahi crudo (wonderfully fresh). The agnolotti with caramelized cauliflower was one of the best dishes I have had in a while, and I don't usually order pasta. The gnocchi was probably one of the weaker dishes that we had. Overall, the style was Italian.

        The service was quite good. They have a small wine list, about half Italians, and a bar, described as "simple." I think that it means they won't make anything too funky.

        We got a table at 6 p and people had to go on the wait list soon thereafter.

        1. cocktailhour: We must have similar taste! I went to "Wolf" Friday night and ordered nearly everything you did!

          I agree, the agnolotti with caramelized cauliflower was insanely delicious. Fresh pasta with the creamiest filling imaginable. The ahi crudo was also very fresh, and I liked the lime zest sprinkled on top. I liked the duck salad better than the tuna: slices of rare duck with golden beets and plump segments of tangerine. The flavors went perfect together.

          The only glitch was the fingerling potatoes with fried duck egg. Strangly, it was the simplest dish. The potatoes were wrinkled up, dry and overcooked, and the duck egg was cooked way too long, so the yolk wasn't runny. It also needed salt. Or some sort of flavor.

          Overall, despite the potatoes, we loved it! It was fun sitting at the bar.

          1. Finally made it to HTCAW. Loved the ambiance. We went right before opening so didn't have to wait. All the flavors were great: parmigiano reggiano soup, polenta, duck salad w/ beets, scallops, and espresso gelato. I didn't like the tongue quite as much, but then I don't love tongue. Service was great. All of the dishes, even the soup, were more room temperature than hot. I would have loved them hotter. Pricey but an interesting meal.

            1. I went a few weeks ago on a sat. 7:30ish there was a 45min wait. The woman at the front offered to take our cell phone number to call us when our table was ready, Love that. We went to Opal next door for a drink. Not sure why we did this because the last time we went there we swore we would never come back. Same thing this time, very bad service the servers all seem to have WAY to many tables even though the restaurant is only half full. This time we for sure WE WILL NEVER GO BACK
              45min later we thankfully got a call that our table was ready! What a difference HTCAW has a great cozy atmosphere the server was very plesant, prompt and anwsered all our questions. The food was very simply prepared and executed really well. We, like many others here, had the ahi crudo which basiclly melted in you mouth,the fingerling potatoes with the duck egg might have been my favorite, done perfectlly, and a few other things that were also very nice. We WILL be back to HTCAW
              Just dont go to Opal while your waiting!

              1. Yowza! Just had the most incredible meal at HTCAW last night.

                Appetizer (can't remember exact name): Fresh white fish thinly sliced, served ceviche-style cured in lime, with hot peppers. A real stand out.

                Entree: Agnolotti - I can't emphasize enough how important it is that you try this dish. It's homemade ravioli. The chef seems to change out the stuffing. I had it with swiss chard, ricotta and Parmesan - sounds boring? It wasn't! I think they sauteed the chard in bacon fat because it had the most savory, delectable flavor. My dining guest agreed that it was by far the best pasta dish we'd had in recent memory.

                Top that all off with a smooth glass of Cotes du Rhone and it equals one amazing meal.

                I honestly can't wait to go back.

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                  Nice addition to QA hill. On the other end of the street, does anyone know what the restaurant is that is going into the old hardware store between Betty and Bricco?