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White Plains Mexican - Roberto's

I work in White Plains but live in New York. There are few places I have found to eat at in the WP for lunch, which really bums me out, especially for a quick lunch. Typically, I eat at the salad place on Mamaroneck, which is a Chopped knock-off, but decent. There is a Chinese place called Bao's that is OK as well.

However, recently, I stopped into Roberto's, a Mexican restaurant on East Poast Road (102 E. Post). Dude, the food is ridiculously awesome and extremely authentic. The tacos are exactly as I have them in Mexico and California. So good. I absolutely love it and have been eating there constantly for the past two weeks.

I have never posted to a food blog in my life, but I want these guys to succeed. I have hardly seen another customer in the store, and I don't want it to go out of business. Enjoy!!


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  1. I've stopped in for a quick bite once. Taco was good, place was emmmmpty. Anyone else been here?

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    1. re: Wizzapizza

      Sadly, no, and no doubt won't be going.

      Perhaps when the Ritz is completed?

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          Got a steak taco, just one, on the fly. I didn't really pay much attention to it- I was in a big rush. From what I remember, it was tasty. I'd be interested to hear an opinion from others who a) have been there more than once for five minutes, and b) know more about Mexican food than me.

          Also, what's the story behind the place? Is it a mom and pop, or did they have a previous restaurant? I think this used to be a Twin Donut, and I don't see a lot of clientele, so I'm a little leary.

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            if it's the place I'm thinking of (up the hill on post?, on the left hand side if you are going toward 287), then it's been around for some time. I've seen it, but usually on my way two or from cancun delights or veracruz, which sit at the bottom of the hill. I'll give it a try soon and see if I can find out more...

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              It's right at the corner of E. Post and Grand- it is on the left as you travel from WP Hospital toward Mamaroneck Ave. Been open about a year, I think.

      1. is the spot open for dinner too????

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          Yeah, I just went by there today for dinner. Got two tacos - one carnitas and one cecina. They were pretty decent. The carnitas was very tender, if not as rich as I'd like. the cecina was flavorful as you'd expect, though nothing really out of the ordinary.

          Now, the place needs much more exploration. I'll probably head back again soon... need to try out more of the samplings there. It's intriguing...

        2. My boyfriend and I just had a delicious meal at Roberto's. I too don’t typically write about my dining experiences but I was so impressed by not only the food and great prices but the wonderful staff that I had to comment.

          Roberto's is a smallish, counter style restaurant (although they did provide us with fabulous table service) that provides excellent Mexican food at extremely affordable prices. My boyfriend and I split a beef tostada order (comes with 3), fried chicken torta (it was AMAZING and huge), spicy pork taco, two side orders of rice, two bottles of water and a rice pudding for $25. The food arrived promptly and was very fresh and tasty. It is an extremely casual place but the food was amazing. More importantly, the staff was super friendly and very attentive. A really great find! Please, go try it.

          1. Coincidentally, though I've been meaning to try this place for some time, preferably with my husband in tow, who is more familiar with authentic Mexican food, we just went for lunch this past Monday. It was, of course, a holiday and mid-afternoon (the true Mexican lunch hour, as my husband pointed out) so the place was quite busy -- and with actual Mexicans (we seemed to be the only gringos.) Hubby had a plate of mixed sopes: chicken and carnitas, I know, but don't remember the third, maybe carne. I had 3 tacos: carne enchilada, carnitas and tongue. It was more food than we could actually finish, but they were quite tasty. I especially liked my tongue taco. I am not enough of a taco/sope maven to rate them authoritatively against others, but we certainly enjoyed our meal. Each portion came to $7.50. The atmosphere was lively and other patrons were kibbitzing with us in a mixture of languages. By the way, their printed menu is illustrated (and translated for the most part into English), so people unfamiliar with the food should be able to deal with the ordering. The waiter, also, until he understood that we had some knowledge of the language and food, was fully prepared to give us a crash course.

            Luxury dining it is not, but we'll certainly go back.

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              Hey, compared to the three other mexican taquerias on that same strip of the Post Rd, Roberto's decor is darn near luxury inside!

              I have only been twice, but should head back there. The sopes would be a good place to start, I think. Thanks for the reminder, folks.

            2. Had lunch there today based on the posts and we really enjoyed it. We were the ONLY english speaking clientele in the place - service was great - they really cared and were attentive. The food was really good for a local mexican lunch or I guess dinner. As for lack of business - the place was pretty much full the entire time - maybe one or two tables open at any one time.
              We had some sweet tamales which were pretty good (even my finicky kids enjoyed) - some stuffed peppers (stuffed with mozzerella topped with a tomato sauce w/rice and beans), then we had some tacos (steak, tongue & chicken) all really good on soft taco 'shells'. I am not a Mexican fare afficianado but we really rnjoyed it and will be back - extensive menu and cheap.
              Also, the place seemed VERY clean which is a good sign of a committed owner - seems family+ run. Enjoy!

              1. We had a great lunch today at Roberto's. Tasty REAL mexican food food and friendly service. I had pork ribs in a red sauce and my friend had huevos rancheros con chorizo. We will be returning for sure.

                Also checked out the tacos at Sunshine Deli on Lake Street last week. I'm a happier person knowing that we can get real Mexican food in Westchester.

                Thanks chowhounds for both of these recommendations!


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                  DH and I had dinner at Roberto's last night. Amazingly delicious food, and as others have experienced, we were the entire gringo population there. Could have used more help with the menu, though -- the illustrations are small and hard to distinguish. I need an authentic Mexican cuisine primer -- what exactly is a sope? ( I had that, made with chicken, out of this world, but still not sure what it is -- an open taco?). Also, what's a gordito? picadito? My DH had something utterly delicious made with beef. I want to go back soon, but with more info. Thanks for any help!

                2. I love Roberto's and I noted that they seem to put the entire dinner in some of their "wraps" she said, lot of their customers are construction workers and they need to be able to eat it like a sandwich/wrap. Fresh great tasting food and good sauces. it's even nicer when you sit down and eat because you can squirt on extra green sauce.

                  1. Another great Mexican place in WP is Mariachi Loco. Is is amazing. I totally love it and miss working in Westchester to get my fix!
                    Mariaci Loco
                    394 Central Ave
                    White Plains, NY 10606
                    (914) 287-0001

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                    1. re: deborah24

                      deborah24 - what have you had that you've liked at Mariachi Loco? I've tried it a number of times but I haven't found anything much worth eating. Would love to hear your recommendations.

                      1. re: adamclyde


                        I usually get the burrito supremo with chicken. I'm one of those people who falls in love with a dish and can't get off it. I've tried the beef tacos but they weren't memorable. When I worked in WP, our whole office was obsessed with it. Also, their flan is quite good. I'll get some others from a co-worker who actually would try other stuff. He loved everything he got, for the most part.

                        This is what he gave me:
                        The Flan, The chicken tacos and one of the spicy chicken tacos - I forgot what it was called.

                        1. re: deborah24

                          Deborah, is this more of a Tex-Mex/Americanized Mexican type of place or is the majority of the food authentic?

                          1. re: laylag

                            Authentic. The people working there barely speak English. The juke box and TV are all Spanish and are loud! It's a bit of a hole in the wall. I think the 1st time we ordered from there we had it delivered because it was snowing..... I don't know if I would have gone in otherwise.

                            I like the burritos because they put black beans in and then smother them with cheese, sour cream and that green sauce.

                            1. re: laylag

                              It's authentic style... But, in my opinion, (no offense deborah... I promise!!!) there is much, much better in White Plains.

                              When I did my side by side evaluation of every taqueria in White Plains (see here http://www.chowhound.com/topics/468221 and here: http://www.westchestermagazine.com/ME... ) Mariachi Loco was at the bottom so I didn't include them. BUT, I never tried the flan or burritos as deborah mentioned. I'm sure they've got stuff on their menu that's good. But if I'm in that neighborhood, I usually go across the street to cafe Flores, or up Battle Ave to Ruth's Jamaican.

                        2. re: deborah24

                          what part of central ave is this near? nearby landmarks?

                          1. re: raider

                            It's in the tiny strip mall mext to the TJ Maxx. Across from the Shell gas station. If you go on google maps you can see the area using the street view option. You can't see the place, but it will give you a good idea of where it is.

                        3. i JUST started working in White Plains last week...and will DEFINITELY be stopping by here for lunch tomorrow!!

                          thanks for the tip. i moved up to Manhattan from Austin, Texas (where i was born and lived for 31 years) and CRAVE good/real Mexican food constantly.

                          I'll definitely post my take on it once I've devoured some tacos :)

                          thanks again!!

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                          1. re: markdanielmiller

                            I personally prefer Sunshine Deli to Roberto's, but I haven't been to Roberto's in quite some time. Frankly, the jukebox was so loud that my ears are still ringing.

                            Do keep in mind this won't be texas tacos. the majority of the migration from Mexico to this part of the country comes from Pueblo, so you get foods that reflect that. We don't get the regional variance that other parts of the country get.

                            1. re: adamclyde

                              what would you recommend from sunshine? I tried a variety of tacos (beef and pork) from them but didn't find them worth their weight.

                              1. re: discounteggroll

                                asada is good - if they include the generous portions of avocado. Al Pastor is good too. Only place that makes it from a spit. Cochinita Pibil is great if they have it, which is rare. Huaraches aren't too bad, and the quesadilla with huitlacoche.

                              2. re: adamclyde

                                Stopped by there last week and picked up a cemita with chorizo. Pretty good - and pretty spicy, thanks to the whole chipotle peppers. Liked the fact that they used the real Oaxacan string cheese, a lot of places just use slices of queso blanco.

                                1. re: kdgchow

                                  We like the Oaxacan tamales they have at Sunshine as well .And much prefer the food from Sunshine over Mariachi Loco. Like Adamclyde, we agree that while authentic, for some reason we've never been that impressed with Mariachi Loco, the food at Sunshine just tastes better. The tacos are better, the rice and frijoles taste better, the tamales are better. The only unfortunate thing is that they run out of their tamales so fast!

                                  1. re: RawTunaFan

                                    would love a tutorial on what some of these authentic dishes are, I am your typical tex/mex fan but want to try some of the more authentic stuff but never really know what the dishes are as most places dont have descriptions. anyone care to expand on dishes like the Cochinita Pibil, Huitlacoche, Huaraches etc... ??

                                    1. re: bonacbub

                                      went to roberto's yesterday for lunch. only one person was there. the music was so loud i couldn't see straight. after 4 requests, it was turned down. started with steak and pork taocs. very good. then steak sopes (ok, but monotonous) and a chicken fajita -- very good, until we found the hair. service was desultory, to be kind. don't know that i'll be back. i like sunshine deli much better.

                                      1. re: raider

                                        We walked out of Roberto's a while ago because of the music and thus have never tried the food on site but sans music would be a bit better atmosphere for an eat-in meal. We love Sunshine Deli's food but thus far have only taken it to go. I'm all for a hole in the wall if the food is good but really not enthused about the eat-in option there.

                                        I can compare food from the two based on their stands at the 4th of July fairs in Mamaroneck. Roberto's did it two years ago and the food was good. Sunshine Deli was there last year and the food was exceptional.

                                        1. re: laylag

                                          whoa? What's that fair? I'm totally intrigued. I wish it were July already.

                                          1. re: adamclyde

                                            Adam, It's the Fourth of July Fireman's fair down at Mamaroneck Harbor. Usually runs about a week I think. Fireman's parade usually on July 1 down Mamaroneck Ave. and fireworks over the Harbor on the 4th. Smallish carnival. Rides, games and a bunch of food booths - Sunset Deli was the standout along with Rani Majal, a very good Indian.

                                          2. re: laylag

                                            While I've never been to Roberto's for lunch, I've had dinner there. Their clientele is 99% Hispanic. From my experiences at Roberto's, Azteca, Mariachi Loco.. etc. the owners and customers tend to enjoy loud music. It's a watering hole, a social club, a bar, a lounge and restaurant all rolled into one. They go chatting from table to table. Everyone seems to know each other. At some of these places when they see non-regulars or non-Hispanics (i.e. me) walk in a table will automatically open up even if there was a full house. Sometimes even the music will be turned down a bit. I tell the waitress (always female in tight fitting clothes) to turn it back up and make sure they don't switch the TV to some gringo station!

                                            1. re: pabboy

                                              I'm all of for the music and the telenovelas. But I've never heard music as loud as what I had at Roberto's. And I've been to a lot of latin places. It physically hurt my ears. hopefully it was just an off night.

                                              1. re: adamclyde

                                                Adam, come to think of it, you are right. They are louder than the other joints.

                                                1. re: pabboy

                                                  The first time we went to Roberto's there was either no music or it was within reasonable sound range and, therefore, not memorable. We enjoyed it very much. Then I started reading complaints about the noise here and wondered. Went back another time and, like Adam, had a painful experience. We've been avoiding it since, which saddens me as it was the best (eat-in) Mexican food we had found, though we preferred it for lunch only.

                                                  1. re: Westjanie

                                                    I was all set to hit Roberto's tonight but as I pulled up I can hear the music blaring. It was karaoke night!!! So we ended up at Sunshine Deli which apparently has done some renovation since the last time I was there. Real tables and chairs, newly painted murals, better lighting...etc. They had the entire tacos menu available. It was great!!!

                                                    1. re: pabboy

                                                      Renovations pabboy? Can't wait to go back and try an eat-in experience.

                                                      1. re: laylag

                                                        It's gone from total dive to typical deli. Nicer tables (not folding card tables like before). More seating, nice paint job.

                                                        All cosmetic, but welcome.

                                                        1. re: adamclyde

                                                          On your recommendation, I had a quesadilla for lunch last week. The corn masa tortilla was delicious - crunchy and slightly nutty - and filled with the good Oaxacan string cheese. The only negative was the bits of chicarron - that was probably a mistake on my part for ordering that filling. Wonder if they'd fill one with carne asada or pastor - I bet it'd be dynamite.

                                                          1. re: kdgchow

                                                            yeah, you can get any meat (or no meat at all) in a quesadilla there. Try the one with huitlacoche. It's really good. And that inky black filling looks cool too.

                                                            1. re: adamclyde

                                                              Not much of a fungi person - hate mushrooms - but never had huitlacoche. What's it taste like?

                                                              Sunshine Deli is becoming a weekly lunch spot for me - got a cemita with pastor there yesterday. Very good, I give it the edge over the one at Roberto's, which I like as well. I think the difference was the roll - Sunshine uses a nice, crusty seeded roll which held up better to all the stuff crammed inside.

                                                              I really need to explore the rest of the menu. The tacos are very good, the huarache was pretty good but I've had better at the Red Hook ballfields Have you tried the sopes, tostadas or chalupas? What about any of the entrees or specials?

                                                              1. re: kdgchow

                                                                Tried a huarache again, with carne enchilada, much better this time around. They must make them by hand, it took nearly 20 minutes for me to get it!

                                                                I haven't visited every last Mexican place in White Plains, but so far, Sunshine Deli is definitely tops in the city.