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Dec 6, 2007 06:44 AM

What to order at Cut

Hi, I'm a NYC foodie who will be visiting my parents in the LA area for the holidays. We have reservations at Cut. What are the must haves?

Thanks so much!

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  1. The following photo review of Cut is a must see / read for you: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/431813

    Also, the one thing you must get that Kevin H did not cover in his wonderful photo review is the bone marrow flan.

    We hope you will return to this board after your meal and let us know what you and your dining companions had and how you all liked it.

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      kevin's review is what made me hightail it to CUT in the first place. And ditto on the bone marrow flan. It's divine! If I had to remove an item that we ordered that night, it would be the veal tongue. It was lovely, but not nearly as amazing as the bone marrow flan.

      As for beef, we thought the filet mignon really stood out as the best of our lives. Then again, we did not go for the very top tier of beef, just filet mignon and a dry aged ribeye.

    2. Whatever you get avoid the Wagyu or Kobe beef -- they just don't work as thick cuts of steak.

      Enjoy your time.

      1. different strokes - i thought that splitting one order of the three digit wagyu/kobe beef was worth it so everyone could have a taste. it was worth a bite. agree that i'd rather have something else for the main meal, but the texture was interesting and i'm happy i had the experience.

        1. The Kobe beef short ribs prepared with Indian spices are superb.

          1. We ate at Cut for the first time last night and it was divine. From the beef tartare to the bone marrow flan appetizers, which were exquisite all the way through the wagyu beef and finishing up with several desserts it was flawless. I find that even at some of the best steakhouses I need to use the steak sauce - Not so at Cut. However, I did enjoy dipping my fries in their fantastic house steak sauce.